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Qoo10 Singapore Charity

Hello Everyone!

Did you know that you can do your part for Charity while you shop Online with Qoo10 Singapore?

Here are a few places that needs your generous support :

Qoo10 Singapore QAnimal ShelterQ.Animal Shelter

You can donate to the Q.Animal Shelter fund to help abandoned or abused animals. The funds raised will be sent to SPCA (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) every other month, and these funds would be used for rescuing abandoned or abused animals, giving them the proper treatment, shelter, food, and facilitate in their adoption to suitable families.


Qoo10 Singapore QSmile FundQ.Smile Fund

At Q.Smile Fund, you get to Vote (by clicking on the Red Heart), which charity organization, place or person you support, and the entry with the most votes will get the funds.

Qoo10 Singapore QSmile Fund Red Heart

BONUS For Your Daily Visits

You can get Qoo10 Singapore Q-tokens Daily from these pages

As a bonus, you can get a Free Q-token when you visit these pages Everyday!
(Hint: Look for them in the middle of these pages)

*Q-tokens are tokens for members to use for various Special Events and Lucky Auctions.


There are also various unfortunate Worldwide events that requires your generous donations, like the Earthquake at Japan

Qoo10 Singapore Gmarket Japan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund


How To Make Your Donations?

There are a few options for you to make your donations.

Qoo10 Singapore Donation OptionsYou can make your Donations by :

  • Direct Cash Donations
  • G-Stamps (Q-Stamps)
    S$0.1 per 1 Q-Stamp
  • Mileage
    S$0.01 per 1 mileage point
  • Q.Smile Coupon Exchange
    You can exchange your mileage to Discount Coupons, 50% of Coupon cost will be donated
  • Charity Shopping
    When you purchase certain selected items that has the “Green Heart“, part of the purchase price will be donated as well!
    Check Out some of these items here.

Qoo10 Singapore Charity Shop and Donate

Here, I’m showing you how easy it is, to make a cash donation. The process is similar to making an online purchase with Qoo10 Singapore.

1. Go to Q.Charity Center here and select the place where you want to place your Donations. I am going to donate to the Q.Smile Fund

Qoo10 Singapore Charity Donation Center

2. Select the Amount you wish to donate from the drop down menu and then click on the “DONATE” button

Qoo10 Singapore Charity Cash Donation


3. Similar to purchasing an item online with Qoo10 Singapore, you will need to “Place Order” to proceed
Qoo10 Singapore Charity Donation - Place Order


Select the various payment options and then click on the Order Now
Qoo10 Singapore Charity Donation payment option


4. Next, you will get to the Order Complete Page, and you’re done!
Qoo10 Singapore Charity Donation - Order_Complete


Do your part for Charity today, and Make the World A Beautiful and Better Place! Thank You!


Check out Qoo10 Singapore’s FaceBook Fan Page at and follow them on Twitter for any updates on the Latest Deals and their Charity Drives too.

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