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A Wedding is a union of two individuals to form a new family.

There are many different traditions and customs among the different cultures and ethnic groups in the world. (There are certain similarities too)

In this technological advanced age, there are many times when things are happening too fast, and we tend to forget about our past, our customs, and our traditions.

There are times when the newer generations do not even know about their own culture.

In Singapore, we are fortunate to be exposed to a multi-cultural environment. With the aid of the government, most of us were educated to respect each other’s religions and cultures, to achieve Social, Racial and Religious Harmony. (It is even emphasised in our National Pledge).

In our neighbouring countries like Malaysia, we have a lot of similarities in Customs and Traditions too.

In the following links, you can have a look at the different traditional wedding customs practised by the ChineseMalay, and the Indian :

Traditional Chinese Weddings
Traditional Malay Weddings
Traditional Indian Weddings




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