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Have you ever heard people saying that Singapore is in China (or Japan?)

Singapore is NOT in China or Japan. Singapore is a South East Asian city between Malaysia and Indonesia.

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Anyway, yes, we are somehow related to China. Some of our fore-fathers came from China, amongst others who came from other neighbouring islands or countries during the our earlier days when we were named “Temasek” which means a “Sea Town” in Javanese. (spelt, “Tumasik“).

Founded by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819, we have since come a long way. Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan), and have developed into an advanced and high-income economical city by the 21st century.

Singapore’s population exceeds 5 million (5,183,700 – Statistics Singapore, 2011), with a population growth rate of 2.1%.

Being a multi-cultural society, comprising of ethnic groups from the Chinese, Malays, Indians and Other races (Eurasians, Peranakans, etc), it is especially important for the Government to ensure Social Harmony among the different races. (It is even emphasized in our National Pledge).

The current ruling party in Government is The People’s Action Party (PAP). PAP have dominated Singapore’s parliamentary democracy and have been the city’s ruling political party since 1959. Their visionary have shaped the city and plays a major role in making the Little Red Dot into a bustling Cosmopolitan City. (Singapore is also known as “The Little Red Dot” because the island is one of the smallest country on the World Map)

English is taught in schools as the First language, and the children also learn their mother tongues as their Second Language. Other than shaping the children for Academic excellence, it is important to let them know about their Heritage and Cultures too.

Every Ethnic group have their own Cultural Festivals, and celebrations are often enhanced by colourful festive events as well as light displays on the city streets (and Public Holidays for the working class!).

Public Transportation system in Singapore consist of a network of subways trains (MRT – Mass Rapid Transit), Buses and Taxis and it leads to the Singapore Changi Airport as well.

The Singapore Changi Airport is the 7th busiest International Airport in the World. With an annual compunded growth rate of 5.2% over the past decade, operating 4 Terminals (Terminal 1, 2, 3 and Budget Terminal) and serving more than 100 major International Airlines, it is reported to achieve 46.5 million passenger movements in 2011. Every 100 seconds, there is a flight that takes off or lands in one of the 4 Terminals !

The existing Budget Terminal will be closed on 25th September 2012,  to facilitate the construction of Terminal 4. Construction will begin in 2013 and this new terminal will be ready by 2017.

The Singapore-based Air Carriers are :


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There are many attractions in Singapore to keep yourself busy too.

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