Looking For LTA Compliant E-Scooter?

LTA Active Mobility Act - 20kg Weight Limit

Are You Looking For A LTA Compliant E-Scooter?

Following the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s announcement on 1st May 2018 – where the Active Mobility Act (AMA) was enforced – the use of Personal Mobility Devices (PMD), Power Assisted Bicycles (PAB), as well as bicycles was regulated with immediate effect. These devices needs to be “LTA Compliant” before they are allowed to be used in Public paths (source: LTA Website).


LTA Compliant E-Scooter PMD PAB criteria

(source: LTA Website)

Device criteria was also spelt out, and this affects a number of riders. Especially those that rely solely on their E-Scooters for their daily commuting needs, including our Food delivery friends, and also parents or guardians who need to fetch their kids from nearby schools.

Sometime in the second half of this year, E-Scooter Registration in Singapore will be made compulsory. Registration details have not been finalised yet, and there are still talks and suggestions from the E-Scooter community to revise the Device criteria, so there may still be hope!

But before that, based on the AMA enforcement on 1st May 2018, you will still need to switch to a LTA Compliant E-Scooter (according to current Device criteria) if you do not want to risk getting your current ride impounded.



Subsidies And Grants For Our Friends?

For our friends who depend solely on their E-Scooters for their daily commuting needs, it is not really fair, that they have to fork out money to purchase a new ride – especially when earning a decent living is a bit difficult now.

In general, not many of us are so free to ride around in the hot sun or brave the rain to help deliver food and then use the earnings just to buy a new ride. Of course, there are exceptions – either the person is working just to afford a new ride, or he/she is just rich and have nothing better to do – but most of our Delivery friends are trying to make a living with their ride.

Maybe the Authority can consider having a grant to subsidise the purchase of a LTA compliant E-Scooter for the friends and families who meet certain criteria, or perhaps the Delivery companies could consider helping out our Delivery friends too!

We are all working towards a Car Lite Nation ya?



If you depend on your E-Scooter for your daily commuting needs, other than trying to avoid being caught with a non LTA compliant E-Scooter, you could get your speed capped (for certain models) or you could try to shave off some weight from your current ride – by switching to lighter weight materials, ie. carbon fibre, but that would involve spending a bit of money too.



Suggested LTA Compliant E-Scooters

Do note that for some E-Scooters with different versions or variations, only the model with a smaller Battery capacity falls within the current Maximum allowed Weight criteria, and certain models may need the retailers to help you cap the Maximum Speed too.



Currently the hottest 12 inch pneumatic wheel E-Scooter in town. There are even Facebook groups dedicated for DYU riders (link at the bottom of this article)

The F-Wheel DYU comes in two variations, the original “Standard” version (4.4Ah Battery, 15 to 20km range) and the “Deluxe” version (10Ah Battery, 35 to 40km range)

The DYU also comes with front and back light, constant speed cruising function, IP54 rating and a Smart App control with a Malfunction self checking system and it even allows you to lock and unlock your ride.

Dimension wise, both versions are almost identical, with the Deluxe version weighing slightly more, and both can support a weight load of up to 120kg.

Standard (12kg)

  • 1020 x 940 x 505mm (unfolded)
  • 1020 x 720 x 200mm (folded)

Deluxe (14.5kg)

  • 1080 x 970 x 505mm (unfolded)
  • 1080 x 760 x 380mm (folded)


The Standard version only comes with Rear Disc Brakes whereas the Deluxe version includes a Front Disc Brake. The newer version features a 250W motor as compared to the original version with 350W, and it can climb a slope of about 15 degrees.

A small issue with the DYU is that, it does not have Suspension and the Seat’s height is not adjustable. However, you can overcome this by changing the seat to those that comes with suspension.

Check out some of these Seats with suspension from Amazon


Where to Buy Your DYU in Singapore

[S$349.50][DYU]LTA APPROVED⚡Coupon Friendly ⚡Authorized DYU Distributor E-Scooter⚡


[S$699.00](▼23%)[DYU]DYU Authorized Distributor ★ Dyu Smart Bike /Electric Scooter/E-Scooter ★ Lightweight ★ LTA APPROVED



From Gear Best (For our Friends from Overseas)

F-Wheel D1 DYU Electric Bike – Black (USD359.99)
F-Wheel D1 DYU Electric Bike – White (USD379.99)
F-Wheel DYU 12 inch 10Ah Folding Electric Bike (Deluxe) – Black (USD537.99)
F-Wheel DYU 12 inch 10Ah Folding Electric Bike (Deluxe) – White (USD544.99)

[$7.50](▼95%)Comfortable Bicycle Suspension Saddle Bike Seat Gel Saddle Black Wide Big Bum Bike Reflector


SPEEDWAY MINI IV / Pro / and their OEM Variants

The Speedway mini IV is the successor to the mini III, with both front and rear adjustable spring suspension. The new Speedway mini IV Pro also have water resistant capabilities, but as usual, it is not advisable to ride in a heavy rain – the rear solid tire tend to get slippery on wet floors.

The Speedway mini IV comes with Rear Drum Brakes, and is capable of a maximum load of up to 120kg. It is also capable of climbing a slope of about 27 degrees.

The 8 inch wheel (pneumatic front and solid rear) Speedway mini IV comes in a few different versions with different Battery capacities and Brushless Hub Motor

  • 10.4Ah Battery, 36V 350W, 4-6hr charge time, estimated range of about 25-35km, about 14.5kg weight
  • 21Ah Battery, 36V 350W, 6-8hr charge time, estimated range of about 45-55km, about 16kg
  • 15Ah Battery, 48V 500W, 6-8hr charge time, estimated range of about 45-55km, about 17kg

Note: The estimated distance it can travel varies according to terrain, weight and speed


The Speedway Mini IV’s Maximum speed needs to be capped inorder to be LTA Compliant.

An optional seat can also be installed, but it might bring the weight of the device up.


Where to Buy the Speedway mini IV / PRO / and their variants in Singapore

[S$499.00](▼76%)★2016 Korean New Arrival★100% Authentic | SPEEDWAY MINI 4 | SPEEDWAY MINI 3


[S$529.00](▼42%)[Minimotors Korea]★Official Korea Minimotors.sg★100% Authentic★SPEEDWAY Mini 4 /PRO ELECTRIC E-SCOOTER


[S$599.00][Minimotors]Minimotors E-Scooter Speedway Mini IV Pro


[S$362.90](▼73%)★SG Seller★LTA Compliant Speedway3/4 Mini aka Passion MINI 3/4 Speedway SW3 SW4/ PM4 / PM4 pro



If you guys realised, XiaoMi have a foot in Almost Everything – Mobile Phones, Power Banks, Vacuums, Action Cameras, and even Bathroom scales that you might be interested in getting, if you want to weigh your own E-Scooter!


Introducing XiaoMi M365 E-Scooter

The M365 have a Minimalist Geometric Design. But, if you are into flashy numbers and meters, do not be dismayed, because you can still see all of these (Speed, Battery Conditions, Distance travelled, etc) from the Mobile app.

This 8.5 inch wheel E-Scooter weighs 12.5kg, can take a maximum load of about 100kg and comes with a dual braking system (E-ABS front, and Rear Disc Brakes) with a braking distance of about 4m.

It has a IP54 rating, includes a Cruise Control system and a featured known as Kinetic Energy Recovery System – where the battery can be charged while you are riding by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy.

With 30 18650mAh Li-ion batteries, a full charge could give you a maximum distance of about 30km (terrain, speed, and weight of rider dependent). Total charging time is about 5.5hrs.

The Maximum speed of the XiaoMi M365 is 25km/h (18km/h in Energy Saving mode), and have a maximum climb of about 14 degrees.

The only downside is, it doesn’t come with any suspension – however, the front and rear inflatable tires might help to provide some form of Shock resistance.


Where to Buy the XiaoMi Mijia M365 in Singapore

[S$479.00](▼21%)Xiaomi Mijia Smart Electric Scooter M365 | 1 Year Singapore Warranty


[$24.79](▼59%)[Xiaomi Living][100% Authentic]★Xiaomi/Ryfit BMI Smart Weight Scale weighing MiScale Mi Smart Body Yunmai scale


For our Overseas Friends, you can check it out at Amazon

Other LTA Compliant E-Scooters that you can consider

Similarly, certain models may have different versions – only the model with a smaller Battery capacity falls within the current Maximum allowed Weight criteria, and certain models may need the retailers to help you cap the Maximum Speed too.


[S$399.00]Ultra Light Series II – 7.5kg only / LED Light / 500W BLBC Motor / Regenerative Braking / Korea Batt


[S$399.80](▼78%)★ Etwow Latest 2nd Generation★ Etwow E2 Electric Kick Scooter Lightweight Slim E-scooters


[S$465.70](▼56%)★NEWEST★ JackHot Pro CarboAero Carbon Fiber Electric Scooter 6.3KG Jack Hot/ZERO/NES/ NEXTDRIVE


[S$629.80](▼75%)★100% Authentic INOKIM MINI★ QUICK3/QUICK2/LIGHT/MINI Foldable Electric Scooter


[S$799.00](▼21%)[Segway]Segway ES2 [Segway Latest E-scooter]★Exclusive Segway Distributor Local Official Service Centre★



Final Thoughts and Disclaimers

Regulations, specs, prices and info are correct at the time of writing.

Do check with the retailers before making your purchase to ensure that you are going to get a LTA Compliant E-Scooter.


The Earth Is Round

As we all know, the Earth is round, things might change. We might end up going in circles (or back to where we began).

The efforts that a few friends have voluntary put in, to help convinced the Authority to legalise E-Scooters on our grounds, when it was deemed illegal to ride in Public before, we should all be Thankful for that!

There are people who believe that the Earth is flat. We should respect each other’s beliefs, but instead of spending energy and wasting time debating about our differences, we should all conserve our energy for better things.

The community should work together as one, with one voice and every energy and efforts should be spent on getting acceptance from the general public and how to improve the system so that we can all co-exist and share the same space – and not on minute squabbles or which ride is the best!



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Online Shopping platforms like Qoo10 do give out quite alot of Discount vouchers and codes. You could make use of these to offset your final price.

You can still go to the shops to test out the ride first, but pay through Qoo10, and if stock is available, you can even collect your new ride on the spot!


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EIK Singapore – A Closed Group dedicated to 8 inch rides, especially the Speedway minis and the variants




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