Reducing The Weight of your E-Scooter to be LTA Compliant?

Hi Friends! Are you looking for ways to reduce the weight of your E-Scooter so that it can be LTA Compliant?

We have been reading remarks and comments on the internet, especially in some FaceBook groups. There were some “brilliant ideas” to help reduce the weight of your E-Scooter so that it can be LTA Compliant!

And just a day ago, NCMP Dennis Tan proposed in Parliament, to reduce the maximum speed of PMDs further, down to 15kmph on PCN!


Sacrificing Your Own Safety For The Safety Of Others?

A handful of riders do not mind sacrificing speed for the possibility of increasing the maximum weight allowed. Weight is actually a major concern for most riders. Their rides is heavy due to a higher capacity batteries and it also provides a more stable and comfortable ride.

Some of the tips involved changing out (or removing!!) one or both brakes and also the suspensions. This could create additional issues – Safety!

So, the Authority felt that a lighter E-Scooter would be safer and thus set a 20kg maximum unladen weight rule. However, it is quite sad that our friends have to resort to risk their own safety for the safety of others.

“unladen weight”, for a personal mobility device, means the weight of the personal mobility device, including the body and all equipment and accessories (if any) attached to the device, but excluding any person or carry‑on baggage on the device;

(source: Active Mobility Regulations 2018 No. S251, Singapore Statutes Online)


Some friends initially suggested placing their high capacity E-Scooter batteries in a backpack. However, upon checking with the LTA Active Mobility Unit, Regulation & Enforcement department, it is actually not a good idea. If connected via a powercord and is in use, the external battery in the backpack will be considered as part of the unladen weight. Thus this idea does not work anymore!


Towards a Graceful And Harmonious Community

for a Graceful Singapore

Towards a Graceful And Harmonious Community

Then we have people from the community challenging the Authorities, calling them names and get upset with the rules and regulations. Sometimes, we have to put ourselves in the shoes of others and think!

So instead of challenging the Authorities, why don’t everyone in the community work together and come up with solutions and plans for a safer environment – for both the riders and the General Public.

The situation was being monitored for the past two years, and the Active Mobility Advisory Panel (AMAP) was set up. A set of rules and regulations were proposed. 70cm maximum width, maximum unladen weight of 20kg, 25kmph on PCN, 15kmph on shared footpath, and no riding on public roads.

All these were laid out for two years. But it was only when the Active Mobility Act (AMA) have been set as a law on the 1st May 2018, then people start to panic (and complain).

It is too late to turn back the clock now, but it is not too late to come together and work together.

Rules and Regulations are not pluck out from thin air and set overnight. Careful thoughts have been put in and it is always in the interest (and safety!) of the General Public that have to be protected. We have to acknowledge that, and understand the dangers that they are exposed to, if the usage was not regulated.

Of course, it would be great if Public Awareness and Educating both the riders and the General Public came as a first step – not impounding devices that are not compliant!


How Can The Community Help

Safety Riding programmes have already been implemented, but not many riders were aware or actually went through these programmes. Acceptance from the General Public needs to be done too.

The rules actually affects our friends in the food delivery business, parents or guardians who need to send their children to nearby neighborhood schools. There are also friends who need to do their daily (or weekly) groceries shopping at nearby markets or even just to go out to Da Bao food.

And we would not be surprised if some of the friends do not even know that they are breaking the current rules – especially on the Weight requirements!

Yes, walking could be a form of exercise. However, there are some who have a bit of mobility issues (but not serious enough to use mobility assisted devices yet), and they still have to go on with their daily routines. These involves sending kids to schools, buying groceries or food, and E-Scooter really helps.

So, the General Public needs to be aware of these group of riders. And similarly, they have to understand the needs and spare a thought for others too.

One way is to encourage acceptance – so that we could all live in harmony – is to be Graceful. Gracefulness can be taught or it comes naturally to some. But the idea of a harmonious community is for everyone to stop and think about others too.

It is not whether “If I speed, will I get into trouble”, but more on “If I speed, will I pose a danger to others”. And “If I give way, will I be late”, or “will I get extra brownie points”, but rather “If I give way, I will not risk bumping or hurting others”



Further Ideas To Be LTA Compliant

OK, back to ideas for shaving off some weight from your existing overweight E-Scooters.


Charging On The Go

You might want to consider switching out your current high capacity batteries for lower capacity ones, and carry a charger with you.

This is where to Authorities can come in and consider providing more public charging kiosks for these usage.

Fast chargers could help, but it would also wear the batteries out faster. More heat are dissipated with quick charging, it might be dangerous and may cause fire (and explosions!!) too. Especially if unapproved units were used! So safety precautions have to be observed.


Changing The Deck

Inorder to have a lighter deck, it might involve fabricating one that uses lighter carbon fibre materials. This could be very costly – it might be more economical to buy a new LTA Compliant E-Scooter.


Changing The Handlebars

Stock handlebars could be swapped out with carbon fibre ones and this could help to reduce a bit of weight too.


Removing The Seats

Seats provides a more comfortable ride especially for longer distances. If we end up with lower capacity batteries to reduce weight, then perhaps a longer distance is not possible anymore. Thus the seats could also be removed to help bring the weight down.


Is It Worth It?

The main bulk of the weight comes from the batteries, the deck, the handlebars and maybe the wheels – basically it’s almost your whole E-Scooter!


Getting A New LTA Compliant E-Scooter

If you are looking for suggestions for current LTA Compliant models, you can check out our previous article here.


We Can All Co-Exist In Harmony

So, now we are sacrificing our own safety and comfort, for the safety of others. This could, in a way, be considered being graceful – sparing a thought for others, as well as for ourselves too. If we want to continue the use of E-Scooters in Singapore, something needs to be done. Instead of challenging the Authorities and breaking rules, we should all work together. Perhaps better ideas and schemes could be implemented, and we can all co-exist in harmony!!


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