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Today I’m going to feature the Daily Deals from Qoo10 Singapore, and show you what I got from the Food Section.

Qoo10 Singapore Daily Deals - SINGAPOREANLifeStyle.com

Qoo10 Singapore Daily Deals

You can actually access the Daily Deals from a few places :

1. From Qoo10 Singapore’s Main Page (somewhere at Upper Left of the website)
Qoo10 Singapore Daily Deal access from Main Page

2. From Qoo10 Singapore’s “Drop Down” Menu Bar (somewhere at the Top of the website)
Qoo10 Singapore Daily Deals from Top Menu

3. From Qoo10 Singapore’s Mobile App
Qoo10 Singapore Daily Deals from Mobile App

4. Links And BookMarks – You can also create a link and make a Bookmark in your Internet Browsers and access it anytime you want:

  • Go to my shortcut link here:
  • and then press CTRL+D (for Windows users) or CMD+D (for Mac Users)
  • to Access Your Browser’s Bookmarks Menu, usually its CTRL-B (for Windows), or CMD+B (for Mac Users)


Did You Know?
At Qoo10 Singapore, other than Fashion and Digital or Mobile Phone Accessories, you can also purchase Books, Music CDs/DVDs/Pop Idol Items, Dining and Spa Coupons and other Leisure related coupons like Kick Boxing Classes and Karaoke Session Discounts and many more!

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert From Sweet DynastyFor certain items, especially coupons for Food and Spa or other Leisure items, you will get an E-Ticket that you need to print out to bring to the shop for your discount. (You don’t expect to get a Spa specialist knocking at your door after your purchase, do you?)

However, there are other food products like groceries (Yes, you can get groceries from Qoo10 Singapore shipped to you!) or even Korean Ramen, you will get them delivered to you.

The good thing about E-Ticket purchases is, you get it immediately after you’ve made your payment. Some Shops require you to call them to make reservations, so do check your E-Tickets for further instructions.

Save The Trees!

I’m not sure about most shops, but it would be nice if we do not have to print the E-Tickets, and just show them the barcode or the QR-codes (a form of matrix two-dimensional barcode), and they could verify them on the spot with their scanners.

Firstly, it saves trees, and Secondly, if you are already near the shop, you could just make your purchase quickly on your Qoo10 Singapore Mobile App and use it immediately (E-Tickets are “delivered” (via email) immediately upon payment).

Do call the shop before making a trip down, if they allow such Save-The-Tree Green acts 🙂


Here, I’m going to show you how easy it is, to purchase your E-ticket in 3 simple steps :

Step 1

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert Purchase From Sweet Dynasty Step 1

First, you need to log in to your Qoo10 Account, and then select the product you wish to purchase. After deciding on the Quantity you want, and the shipment options, proceed to the next step by clicking on “Buy Now“, or “Add To Cart” if you are making other purchases.

For E-tickets, you will get it immediately after you’ve made your payment.


Step 2

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert From Sweet Dynasty Step 2After verifying that the Item, Quantity and Shipping Address Information is correct. Once again, for this purchase, “delivery” is in the form of an E-Ticket, so it will not be delivered to our doorstep. BUT, please double check your Qoo10 User Account Information that your email address is valid, because the E-Ticket information will be sent to your email address.

Once everything is correct, proceed to the make your payment with the various Payment Options at the bottom of the page and then click on “Order Now“.

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert From Sweet Dynasty Step 2 - Order Now


You are given one last chance to change your mind and once you are very sure everything is correct and valid, click “OK” to proceed 🙂

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert From Sweet Dynasty Step 2_3 - Final Confirmation


Step 3

Qoo10 Singapore Dessert From Sweet Dynasty Step 3 - Complete

Congratulations! your Order is Complete 🙂


How To Use E-Tickets?
Qoo10 Singapore How To Use E-Tickets

Check your email for the E-Tickets, print it out, and you can go to the shop to enjoy your discount 🙂


Do note that, for certain shops, you might need to call them to make reservations.

And some E-tickets cannot be combined or use together with other promotions, in a single transaction.

Check your E-Tickets or the Shop Info for further details.


I purchased the S$5 Dessert coupon for S$2.99 from the local Dessert Store, Sweet Dynasty.

After printing out the coupon, I went to the shop at The Central, and made my purchase.

And here’s what I ordered at the Sweet Dynasty

Sweet Dynasty Café Crème Delight

Café Crème Delight @Sweet Dynasty


Sweet Dynasty Mango Pomelo Sago with Ice Cream

Mango Pomelo Sago with Ice Cream @Sweet Dynasty


By the way, Sweet Dynasty is not just a dessert shop. They have other food like Oyster Sauce Chicken Thigh with Mushroom Rice, Special Braised Pork Belly with Mei Cai and Rice, and many other dishes.

You can check out some of their items from their Online Menu.

Sweet Dynasty is located at :

Sweet Dynasty (糖潮甜品)™
6, Eu Tong Sen Street,
#B1-25 The Central,
Singapore 059817
(right above the Clarke Quay MRT Station)
Operation hours : 10am to 10pm

Good News For Midnight Dessert & Dim Sum Lovers!

And here’s some exciting news for All Dessert and Dim Sum Lovers who are craving for their desserts or want to try out their Dim Sum past midnight.. Sometime later this month, (July 2012), Sweet Dynasty will be opening their second outlet, and this new branch will operate until the wee hours past midnight!!

Their second outlet will be located at:
136, Sims Avenue, Singapore 387458

Remember to purchase your Dessert Cash Coupon Promotion from Qoo10 Singapore, and enjoy your favourite Dessert and Dim Sum for a discounted price*

*Note: Terms And Conditions Applies, and Subject to Promotional Period.


For information on Great Deals and other Promotions, do visit the Qoo10 Singapore website

You can also check out the Qoo10 Singapore FaceBook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/Qoo10Singapore and follow them on Twitter too!


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