My Purchase With Qoo10 Singapore With Normal Delivery Service

Hi Friends,

If you’ve read about my article on waiting for 12 days for the delivery of my item with Qoo10 Singapore with normal non Express Delivery Services, I actually made a few more purchases, and the items arrived promptly, in less than 3 days!!

Last week, there was a contest to win the new Samsung S3 by spending just S$5 for a chance.

How To Win The New Samsung Galaxy S3

Note: Event Is Over, Find Out More About Future Qoo10 Singapore Events From Us!

I want the new Samsung Galaxy S3!! So I immediately made a purchase. However, although I spent $6.30 for the item (a nice Black Unisex Simple Buckle Belt), it actually cost S$4.80, ie. Shipping was S$1.50. Thus I could not participate in the contest with this purchase.

(This was when I wished the item was slightly more expensive, ie. just 20cents more!! haha)

Being Kiasu (Afraid to lose out), I made another purchase, making sure it is more than S$5, spending S$10.70 (Free Shipping) this time on a multi-USB charger for iPhone, iPad and preparing for my New Samsung S3 (IF I win)!

Qoo10 Singapore Purchase 20June2012 SingaporeanLifeStyle


The belt arrived 2 days later, and the multi-USB charger arrived 3 days later (if we excludes weekends, because it is considered non-working days for delivery).

Check Out my promptly arrived item:

Black Unisex Simple Buckle Belt from Qoo10 Singapore - G Lovely Shop

Black Unisex Simple Buckle Belt from Qoo10 Singapore – G Lovely Shop


Qoo10 Singapore Puchase Dual USB Charger- SingaporeanLifeStyle

Dual USB Charger from Qoo10 Singapore – Bugis Village

Note: iPhone®, iPad®, Charging stand and USB charging cables not included

Please Take Note:

Although Normal Delivery worked for me, my friend, Irene, had a real bad experience recently, losing S$80 in transaction from an online Blogspot (NOT Qoo10).

And neither the Blogshop nor the delivery service people wanted to be responsible because it was not a registered mail. More about her experience here:
♥ Rene Memory List ♥: My Purchase from a BlogShop Gone Missing and Why You Should Shop at

Note: Irene is also one of the Top 10 Finalist for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 in the “Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog” category. You can find her blog here


Vote For Irene Today!!
(and also Vote for SINGAPOREAN LifeStyle Tomorrow).

You can vote for us EVERYDAY till 30th June 2012, but you can only vote once per category per day!”

You should, at your own discretion, decide if you want to consider paying the extra for registered mail services,  (although for me, being a cheapskate, i will usually just opt for normal delivery service, unless the cost of the item is like S$50 or more..)

Qoo10 Singapore's Buyer Protection

However, if you purchase from Qoo10 Singapore, there are some form of Buyer’s Protection for you, because if you did not receive your items, Qoo10 could help you out.

Besides, if you make your payment through the suggested payment options, the payment amount would be held by Qoo10, and it will only be released to the seller if you’ve confirmed the Delivery.

You can find out more here and also from our article on How To Protect Yourself And Make Your Online Shopping Experience More Enjoyable.

Meanwhile, you might be interested to know that, for today 27th June 2012, there is another Great Singapore Sale Promotion at Qoo10 Singapore, and this time, you get the Win another iPad (this is the 3rd iPad Giveaway since Gmarket Became Qoo10) PLUS S$10 Rebates (with purchases over S$30)

Check It Out Now, and Good Luck!


Check It Out GSS at Qoo10 Singapore And Win An iPad


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My Purchase With Qoo10 Singapore With Normal Delivery Service — 6 Comments

  1. Qoo10 has the worst buyer protection and “help” desk. A non-delivery, a registered post, and after many successful transaction, Qoo10 help keep flipping position and keep asking for irrelevant proof from the buyer but refuse to engage the seller. Now I have a case that is referred to management, yet a registered post that is 2 month late from China still not shown on Singpost record, and Qoo10 still could not contact the seller, and of course my money. AVOID sellers from China, even if they delivered, quality is not useable. Out of 3, 2 junk, and last one still not delivered after 3 months. With this kind of “help”, there is no buyer protection at all one day if a buyer with many good reviews decide to run.

    • Actually, I did received a couple of products that were not exactly useful too. But because of the convenience of online shopping, and because the items I bought were cheaper (if I purchase online) – there is this “risk” involved, you can’t test it “on the spot”

      Willing buyer, Willing Seller.

      Unless the items received were not the same as what was advertised, then it is another story.

      And for your issue, paid but not received, we will have to see how the management can help, because if the item is not delivered, Gmarket / Qoo10 will not release the payment to the Seller – unless you paid the seller directly, then it is a bit difficult to get it back.

      Good Luck!!

  2. Don’t you think it becomes buyer fraud when you buy an item, choose non registered mail and then when item is lost, claim it back from Qoo10? I think that is very cheapo. Want to save money by using normal mail; then when item is lost during delivery, ask Qoo10 to refund? That is very irresponsible. If you want mail trackability, use registered mail. And this is what SingPost will tell you too. Everyone is responsible for one’s decision. It is wrong to make Qoo10 responsible when you make a decision and the postman happens to steal your package. In short, you are no different from a thief.

    • Yeah, it’s like insurance, you won’t know when you will need it!

      But I guess it’s not as serious as a buyer’s fraud where the buyer will cheat Qoo10 and be a cheapo – I mean, there’s bound to be someone doing it, but in general, the items in Qoo10 is already very cheap, why do such acts – but then again, we never know ..

      Qoo10 provides this form of buyer’s protection for the benefit of the buyer. Hopefully, it will not be abused.

      Back to “insurance” again – if it is a big ticket item, it might be safer to opt for registered mail/courier!

  3. my order : 26410369 ( cart 79464008 ) 26409941 ( cart 79463785 ) both items product made purchased on 24june2012, till 2day I am still waiting for delivery.pls help Check and keep me inform via SMS, ((Phone number removed)) thank you!

    • Yo Mr Chia, Sorry to Hear about your issue. Did you check if the item is coming from overseas? If it is, normally delivery is up to 14 or 15 Working Days (ie. excluding weekends)

      Else, if the seller is not replying your email, write to to lodge a report.

      btw, we are not Qoo10 Singapore here, I’m just a blogger who writes about my Online Shopping Experiences.

      Hope this helps!

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