WOW !! Kena DDoS Attack!

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WOW! We kena DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) today, and the server was taken down for 3 hours!!


kena” is a Singlish word derived from a Malay word that means “encountered” or “come into physical contact”

Singlish is a Colloquial Singaporean English, not official, but commonly spoken here in Singapore

DDoS Attack is the attempt to make a machine or network resources unavailable to its intended users

For more information on DDos, you can read about it here at


I really don’t know what’s the benefit of taking down my website blog. I’m just a simple site talking about things that is going on, in and around Singapore.

Perhaps it’s my recent articles for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012 on our Online Shopping Experiences with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore?

Hello There!



Hello Hacker(s), I know you brought down my system a few times and replaced some of my website pages earlier last month, congratulations you succeeded, but we have since tightened our servers so you cannot hack into the system anymore, but you really don’t have to prevent others from entering my site now, by sending DDoS attacks.

I’ve already mentioned before, there is no information to steal here, if you really want the first hand and updated information on Lifestyle in Singapore, be it shopping deals, places to visit, nice food to eat, or info about our Online Shopping Experiences, you can just simply join our Mailing List or just write to us in our Contact form.

We are more than happy to share our information with you, you do not have to try to gain illegal access to our server.

Unless you want to bring us down because you think you can write something useful too, you are welcomed to be our Guest Blogger too, just write to us for details.

Please, the coming days are important to me for sharing my findings and experiences, because I am one of the Top 10 Finalist in the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, in the Gmarket (Qoo10) Best Online Shopping Blog category.

Why don’t you spend the time coming back and vote for us daily? This is the last week for voting. Voting ends on 30th June 2012, so you can come Vote For Us Everyday instead!


And to all my readers and friends who notified me today about my website being brought down, Thanks for the support. Once again, I’m inspired to continue writing because of you!

Thank You!

Have A Nice Day!



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