Make Money With Q-Affiliate While You Shop At Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If You Can Earn Some Money While You Shop Too?


You can make some bucks with Q-Affiliate at Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore.


Your Next Purchase Could Be Free!

To do so, firstly you have to sign up as a user with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore, and just follow the simple steps listed at their page here.

You can either Share the products you find via Facebook or Twitter or you can simply Send an email to your friends by entering their email addresses in the address box.

If you have a blog, you can also Copy the HTML codes and share the link on your blog.

For me, I brought it one step further. I copied the codes from the Shared link and embed them into images or photos related to Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore products or services, and placed them here at my site.


Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Q-Affiliate Share

You can get your own code by simply going to the “Share” button from the sidebar, and then use the “Send email” option to send the link back to your own email, and then copy these links from the email you receive, and embed them to your images.

Your link code could look something like this:

I prefer to use the longer code from the HTML, and mine look like this:

Note: Please use your own codes and not mine, else your links would be sending me the earnings instead of you (ya, I don’t mind, but please try and earn some bucks yourself)


In this example, I’ll show you how to grab the longer codes for “Bestsellers” from HTML:

Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Best Sellers

1. First, go to the “Bestsellers” section from the top navigation bar (You can also pick any product to feature directly)


Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Q-Affiliate BestSellers Share

2. Click the “Share” button from the sidebar

3. At the part where it says “Copy to your blog and other web pages“, click on the “Preview” button

You will see some HTML codes that look like this:

Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Q-Affiliate Share codes

4. Highlight your link codes within the ‘quotes’ as shown above, Copy (CTRL-C for Windows, CMD-C for Mac users) and Paste (CTRL-V for Windows, CMD-V for Mac users) this link code when you want to embed it your images or photos.


Once your reader click on it, they will be directed to your Affiliate link, and if they purchase something, you will earn 2% of the selling price. As simple as that!

You can try it by clicking on my image below:

Check Out Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Kiasu Sunday Sale !


You can also copy the whole HTML code and paste it into your blog as a link, and it would look like this:


One reason why I prefer to use my own related images and not the direct HTML codes is that, sometimes this “link box” does not show up properly as I am using a customised theme for my blog for mobile users, so I need to style my pages so that my friends here can see a proper image when they are viewing my site on their mobile devices.


And here’s my Affiliate earnings results within a short 1 month:

Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Q-Affiliate Sales in a Month Without Promotion

Without much efforts in being too promotional about the shared links, I made a total confirmed sales of S$118.56, earning me S$2.36 within a month, with a few more items pending delivery.

Yes, this is not a huge amount, and it will probably be gone when I make my next purchase. But imagine if you were to share individual items you like, and actively promote these to your friends in your Facebook page, Twitter, or your blog. You could earn even more.

You could either withdraw these earnings or use it to offset your next purchase. You can also treat this as a “further Discount” given by Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore every month, and use it together with any Discount coupons or the Double Coupons you have.

And payment is promptly made on the 3rd of each month, so your next purchase at Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore could effectively be Free with these affiliate earnings too!

Check Out Q-Affiliate from Qoo10 Singapore today, and do let me know if you have earned a lot more than me without much efforts in promoting the items!

Happy Shopping!



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