iPhone Vs Samsung, Did You Switch From Your iPhone To S3 ?

iPhone Vs Samsung S3

Apple vs Samsung

Hello Friends,

This is not another Apple vs Samsung Legal Battle post but more of a thread to seek opinions on which one is recommended now.

It might be more relevant to compare the iPhone 4s vs the Samsung Galaxy S3, or the iPhone 5 when it comes out soon. Another question is, should we wait for the iPhone 5?

The larger display on the Samsung S3 is a huge welcome, especially to folks that are not-so-young anymore; not so much to keep up with the trend, but more for a device that we don’t have to squint our eyes to read the text (especially when we are surfing while on the move)

Both the iOS and the Android have features that we wished were available on both platforms.

The ability to customize the Android’s “look” is a great plus point, and not unless we “Jailbreak” our iPhones, we cannot have our own customized icons. However, Android being open source, there are risks involved too. ie. exposure to malwares, and Jailbreaking the iOS also risks warranty issues as well as stability issues. So, Do It At Your Own Risk!

The Samsung Galaxys come with expansion options to use high speed microSD cards, and also the ability to use a larger capacity battery.

The iOS devices have access to the Apple AppStore, which at the moment, have a larger collection of useful apps (paid and FREE versions)

Then, there is also the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2, with a larger screen (5.55 inch) than the original Note, and a faster processor (1.6Ghz Quad Core), and perhaps it might be relevant to compare the Samsung Note 2 vs iPad mini, the rumoured 7-inch mini iPad that could be introduced to the us soon too!

Anyways, as mentioned, the purpose of this thread is to get your opinions and especially useful for us might be, Did you regret ditching your iPhone for the Samsung S3?? or Would you want to ditch your Samsung S3 and go for the Samsung Note 2?

Let us know what you think?

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iPhone Vs Samsung, Did You Switch From Your iPhone To S3 ? — 3 Comments

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  2. We’re seeking for both blogs and forums giving independent, sensible comments at all concerns as well as blogs and forums which use a good generous as well as left-wing inclination. Thanks a lot..

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