WOW! I Won USD 2.5 Million!! I’m Rich!!

US Dollars

Check This Out!

I got this in my email:

Your Email Address has been awarded $2,500,000 USD in the London 2012 Olympics. Contact: with; Your Full Names, Address, Telephone Numbers (Home and Mobile), Occupation, Sex, Nationality and Date of Birth. Thanks Announcer. Remember to quote your E-Ticket Number (GB/LOCOG/18/2012)


And I did not join any London 2012 Olympics related Contest, and if you are like me, and received this email, should we celebrate and join the Millionaire Club??

Of course NOT! I hope most of you will know that this is a scam, and please, Please, PLEASE DO NOT respond to such email and give away your personal particulars. You won’t know what they will do with your info.

Anyway, really wished I won USD 2.5 Million, but .. guess nothing comes free.. (especially when you did not even join any contests!!)


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