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Singapore Start-Up Viddsee Streams Local And Regional Short Films

If you are an avid supporter for your local Short Films, you should check out Viddsee, a new short film portal, allowing its audience to discover, watch, and share short films from Southeast Asia online.

Supporting local Award Winning Directors, as well as new Up-and-Coming Film makers, Viddsee have a database of Short Films from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia and Laos.

The Singapore-based start-up is supported by Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), and received funding through the ACE Start-ups Grant.

With the Social Network integration, it brings your local Short Film content to a wider global audience.

Viddsee - Submit Your Short Films


Viddsee is co-founded by filmmaker-engineers Ho Jia Jian and Derek Tan. The duo is passionate about the marriage between art and technology and aims to grow the community of short film audience by enabling a wide and accessible market reach for short films.

There has been a rising trend of watching short films among the online community, fueled by indie filmmakers who are building their audience and distributing their films through online video platforms and social networks. The founders of Viddsee believe that short films are the new movies of the social web age. Closely integrated with Facebook, Viddsee leverages on Facebook as a distribution channel to create a seamless experience for users to discover short films. With a mix of curation and social discovery of content, Viddsee helps to surface relevant local content to users.

Since its launch 2 months ago, Viddsee has gathered an exclusive collection of local Singapore short films. The films include “Taxi Taxi” director, Kelvin Sng’s “The Gang”, Ray Pang’s “ONE”, “BREAK” and “Closer To Me” (which will be screened under the ‘Short Film Corner’ at this year’s Cannes Film Festival) and 10 nominated films from last year’s Singapore Short Film Awards (e.g. James Khoo’s “Hentak Kaki”, Ying Tong and team’s “A Cloudy Conundrum”, Suffian Zain’s “Love In Any Genre”, etc).


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“Working with local filmmakers and film festivals to make local content accessible is key to grooming our local content audience. We want to tell stories to an audience and Viddsee helps create an accessible way for audience to watch the best local short films on their desktop or mobile devices,”

said Jia Jian, co-founder of Viddsee.

“When no one watches or hears about your film, then what’s the point of making one?”

added filmmaker Ray Pang,

“Filmmakers are storytellers and we have a part to play in our society in sharing our stories. Hence, every audience counts and we need to make find ways to allow audience to watch our works.”

The organisers of Singapore Short Film Awards (SSFA), Aishah Abu Bakar and Leong Puiyee, jointly commented,

“Audience are now able to re-watch some of the best Singapore short films from the SSFA through Viddsee. Watching films online is now the norm and we are able to reach out to international audiences as well through our collaboration with Viddsee.”


Audience can login to Viddsee at to watch the selection of short films from SSFA, Ray Pang’s short films “ONE”, “BREAK” and “Closer To Me”, Kelvin Sng’s “THE GANG” and over 1000 minutes of short films from Southeast Asia, free of charge. Upcoming this month, Viddsee is the official digital partner for the inaugural ASEAN International Film Festival and Awards 2013.

Submit or Support Your Local Short Film Community. Visit today to watch the best short film viddeos from Southeast Asia


About Viddsee
Viddsee is an online social short film platform for filmmakers and audience of Southeast Asian short film viddeos. Built and designed by engineers and filmmakers, Viddsee enables users to easily discover, watch and share stories from around Southeast Asia on their desktop and mobile devices. Our vision is to continually grow the community of short film audience and to enable a wide and accessible market reach for short films.


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