Samsung Galaxy S Series Sales Over 100 Million Units

Samsung Galaxy S Hits 100 million unit sold

Samsung Galaxy S Series Sales Hit 100 Million

Samsung announced on Monday that the global sales of their flagship Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have hit 100 million units since May 2010, where the Samsung Galaxy S was first released.

The original Galaxy S have sold 24 million units to date (10 million units sold during the first 7 months)

In April 2011, the Galaxy S II (S2) was launched, and it reached 10 million sales mark in just 5 months, and have sold more than 40 million units to date.

The most impressive successor, the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3) was launch in May 2012, and have sold 40 million units in just 7 months, with an average daily sales of 190,000 units worldwide !!

Will the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV (S4) be announced any time soon? Will the sales figure hit 200 Million by then?


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