NS45 Vouchers And FREE SAFRA Membership Card Arrived!

NS45 Vouchers And FREE SAFRA Membership Card

NS45 Vouchers And FREE SAFRA Membership Card

Woohoo! My NS45 vouchers and SAFRA membership card arrived in the mail!

If you take a look at SAFRA’s facebook page, you can see many eager friends there asking about the delay of their NS45 vouchers almost every other day! I think I know part of the reason why the mail was delayed.


NS45 Vouchers

Take a look at your vouchers when you receive them.

*Sorry Guys, I have to blur out the barcodes and my name – in case someone accidentally print them out and use them (heh) – and yes, my NRIC number ends with triple 0s 🙂

Each one is printed with your Name, NRIC and a unique Bar Code with a unique serial numbers – printing these takes time, and besides there are 900,000 (or more) eligible National Service personnels to cater for – so do bear with them if yours have not arrived yet – besides, we have until 31st March 2014 to use these vouchers!

I guess printing these unique numbers and our personal name and NRIC on each voucher is necessary as precautions against fraud. Do take note that these vouchers are not transferrable, and you will need to show some form of identification (ie. your IC) when you use them.

I will be using most of these at NTUC and perhaps at Centrepoint and Bugis Junction too.

If you plan to use these vouchers at Frasers Centrepoint Malls (ie. Anchorpoint, The Centrepoint etc) or Capital Malls (ie. Bugis Junction, Bugis+, etc), you will need to exchange them for the shopping mall’s vouchers at their respective Service Counter.

Find Out More About NS45 Vouchers

For more information on NS45 Vouchers, your eligibility for the FREE 1 year SAFRA membership, or to find out where you can use these vouchers, do check out my previous article NS45 Vouchers – For Fathers To Sons, To Families And Friends

To register for your vouchers, you can go to ns45.safra.sg and if you are from the HomeTeamNS, you can register here.

Have you received yours too? Where do you plan to use them?





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