I Know Eco – Test Your Knowledge On Eco Improvements And Win Prizes

You think you know all about saving our environment? Are you doing your part in actively participating in eco friendly activities?

If you do, how about putting your knowledge to a test and participate in the Panasonic Singapore’s “I Know Eco” Quiz and win great prizes too?

Before you proceed to the quiz, find out more about the 3R, and how it can help to create a Green Environment for you and me and for our future generations.

(There are hints to the answers for the Panasonic Singapore “I Know Eco Quiz” inside !)

Recycle Reuse Reduce

What Are The 3Rs ?

The 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle


Reduction of waste materials produced, can be achieved by not creating waste in the first place – or to use resources as little as possible, ie. reduce your water and electricity usage at home or at work – use less lights or energy saving lights and bulbs that can produce the brightness you need but consumes less energy.

You can help to reduce household water wastage by having larger and less frequent laundry loads.

By reducing the use of electricity, you can help to reduce Global Warming too!

Here’s a Solar Powered LEDTorch Light that I’ve been using for about 8 years! Yes, you read it right – 8 years without the need to purchase batteries for it and in fact, it have always been in my room with no direct sunlight!

I bought this from IKEA about 8 years ago. It cost about S$19

IKEA Solar Powered LED Torch Light

(Note, I use this as a torch light, not a room light – ie. its not on 24/7 to light up my room, but as a search light to find something in the dark)


Solar Powered Mobile Charger from Qoo10

You can also consider getting Solar Powered Battery Chargers for your mobile phone and devices as well.



Reusing items can help reduce waste too, eg. bring your own reusable cloth tote / grocery / eco bags instead of getting plastic bags when you are out shopping at supermarkets.

Qoo10 Fashionable Eco Tote Bag

Check out some of these foldable and Fashionable eco tote bags from Qoo10 Singapore! Now, who says tote bags have to be boring?

You can also repurpose and reuse an item to give it a New Life, eg. an old pair of jeans could be cut and sewn into a bag or a pencil case.

Donate clothes that you’ve outgrown, or clothes that you do not wear anymore.

When you upgrade your computers or other electronic gadgets, instead of disposing the old (but workable) ones, you can donate them too!

Consider donating them to your local Salvation Army.

It’s great that you’ve decided to donate items that you do not need (that could be useful to others)! However, before bringing ALL your items to your local Salvation Army, it might be good to contact them first :



Recycling turn objects – that might be considered waste – into new and useful products. The recycled material could also reproduce a fresh supply of the same material – ie. recycling used paper to produce new and clean (blank) paper

Qoo10 Recycled Paper NoteBookNoteBook using Recycled Paper from Qoo10 Singapore

Materials that can be recycled includes glass, paper, metal, textiles and some electronics products.

Do note that energy sources, ie. Petroleum, cannot be recycled. When they are burned, they produce heat waste.

Recycling consist of a 3 basic step loop :

  1. Collection and Processing
  2. Creating new products from recycled materials
  3. Acquiring or purchasing the recycled products



3R Fund in Singapore

3R Fund

If you are an organisation in Singapore (includes companies, non-profit organisations, town councils, schools, institutions, building owners and industry associations), you can apply for the 3R Fund, a co-funding scheme by the National Environment Agency (NEA) in Singapore, to encourage organisations to minimise waste and to take on recycling projects.

From 2013 onwards, you can apply for the 3R Fund during the following fixed windows :

  • 1st to 31st May 2013
  • 1st to 30th November 2013


Find out about your eligibility and application procedures from NEA’s website here

I Know Eco Quiz

Panasonic i Know Eco Quiz

If you are residing in Singapore, and above 18 years old, here’s the I Know Eco quiz by Panasonic Singapore – test your knowledge and win great prizes now!

(If you are below 18, do participate in the quiz to test your knowledge too, although you are not eligible to win. Or impart your great knowledge on Staying Green to your brother/sisters who are above 18, your parents or guardians, and help them win!)


I Know Eco Quiz

How To Participate?

  1. Go to Panasonic Singapore’s Facebook page and Like the page (if you have not done so).
  2. Use this link to go to the I Know Eco quiz page directly
  3. Answer the 8 questions and fill in your particulars at the end of the quiz



I know Eco Quiz Contest Detail

The contest runs for 6 weeks from 21st March to 1st May 2013 (2359hrs, Singapore Time, GMT+8)

Weekly Prizes as follows :

  • Week 1
    21st to 27th March 2013 (2359hrs)
    1 pair of USS One Day Pass
  • Week 2
    28th Mar to 3rd April 2013 (2359hrs)
    1 pair of USS One Day Pass
  • Week 3
    4th to 10th Apr 2013 (2359hrs)
    1 pair of USS One Day Pass
  • Week 4
    11th to 17th Apr 2013 (2359hrs)
    3 pairs of South East Asia Aquarium One Day Pass (3 winners)
  • Week 5
    18th to 24th Apr 2013 (2359hrs)
    3 pairs of South East Asia Aquarium One Day Pass (3 winners)
  • Week 6
    25th to 1st May 2013 (2359hrs)
    3 pairs of South East Asia Aquarium One Day Pass (3 winners)



Here's My Score :

Panasonic i Know Eco Quiz - Perfect Score - Singaporean LifeStyle


Do you think you can get a perfect score (8/8) too?

For more information and updates, check out the Panasonic Singapore FaceBook page

Good Luck!



Now Friends,

Please do your part today – every effort counts in the contribution towards a better environment. Make Our Earth a better place for ourselves and for our Future Generations!





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