Google Chromecast

Google Announced The New Nexus 7, Android 4.3 And Google Chromecast

On 24th July 2013, Google announced the new Nexus 7, Android 4.3 and the Google Chromecast!

Google Chromecast

What is Google Chromecast?

In simple terms, it is a low cost streaming device that you connect to your TV via the HDMI connector.

It is really a market killer and priced at USD35, it is really hard to beat! And it is in the market to compete with the Apple TV is currently retailing at USD99, and the Roku 3

At the size of a regular USB thumbdrive, it is cross platform (supports Android and iOS devices), and you simply plug it into the HDMI connector of your Television set.

*Note, you can power it by the supplied USB charger or you can use a spare USB port on your TV / receiver to power it

You can control it with your smartphone or tablet (Android / iOS) via apps that supports the Chromecast (ie. Netflix, YouTube) and you can stream/cast the video from your smart device via the supported apps onto your TV – using the smartphone / tablet as your remote.

You can also mirror your Google Chrome Browser’s content onto your TV with it!

And for Android device users, you can also access your Google Music, Google TV and Movies on your TV via the Google Chromecast!

When Are We Getting The Google Chromecast in Singapore?

We are not getting the Google Chromecast in Singapore yet – however, you could purchase one from Amazon if you want one now! (At the moment, the stock is out in Amazon’s online stores, but you could place an order and it will probably arrive before it is made available at our local stores in Singapore)


So, will you be one of the early adopters and get one to turn your regular TV into a smart Google enabled TV?





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