#BeatTheHaze – Tips to Stay Healthy During This Period

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Here’s a chinese remedy from the internet to help you stay healthy and cope with our present air pollution issue

Chinese Remedy for Health during Haze - in Chinese



Here’s the Direct translation to English :

(Direct Translation)
To cope with the current air pollution issue, try these chinese food therapy :

1: In the morning, brew chrysanthemum with a small piece of ginger and rock sugar for 15 minutes you can drink.
How much weight as you like. (use as much quantity as you like?)

Clears heatiness and reduces lung irritation caused by smoke.


2: In the Afternoon, drink boiled barley water (Chinese barley with black line).
Add 2 slices of ginger, rock sugar and boil for 40 minutes or more.

spleen, heat, diuretic, so that harmful substances can be discharged from the urine.

Remember to put one or two slices of ginger, because chrysanthemums and barley might be too “cold” for the body, and ginger is used to balance that.

You can also use green beans, brown sugar and ginger.
Reduce outdoor activities during such bad air pollution conditions.



Keep Calm and Stay Alert

Do drink lots of water and Please Stay Indoors if possible!

PSI, Please Stay Indoors

Also, please take extra care and precautions – especially if there are old people, small children or people who have asthma around you – please keep an extra eye on them!



3M N95 Haze Masks


Do share with us and let us know how are you protecting yourself and your family or loved ones from our current haze issue.

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For updates on the PSI reading for Singapore, please visit www.nea.gov.sg/psi



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