Are We Getting Samsung Note 2 In Singapore Soon?

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Goes On Sale Today In Korea

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 On Sale In South Korea Today

Yes! Samsung have just announced that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will go on sale in 128 markets through 260 Operators, starting with South Korea today (26 September 2012). Are we getting the Samsung Note 2 In Singapore soon?

Our friends in Europe have just gotten their expected release dates too:

  • 27th September 2012 ~ Germany
  • 28th September 2012 ~ Italy
  • 1st-2nd October 2012 ~ France, Netherlands, United Kingdom


This is a real exciting news for those who have been waiting for this new Phablet from Samsung since its announcement at IFA2012 in Berlin last month.

Update: 10th October 2012

The Samsung Note 2 have already been launched in our neighbouring countries like India, Indonesia (13th October 2012 ?), Philippines and Malaysia sometime this week (Tomorrow, 11th October 2012 ??)
There are a lot of speculations about the availability of the Official Note 2 in Singapore, but the one that is most valid is 19th October 2012!!

Do watch out for the official launch!

*Update: 13th October 2012
Pre Registration For Interest Is available Now. Check This Out!!



  • Singapore’s official launch set will be the LTE version
  • If you can’t wait, you could get an export set (3G, 16Gb, No Warranty) from your favourite local mobile phone shops or Online Shops via Amazon

Price Update:

The Samsung Note 2 is selling for 1.15million Won in South Korea now.

It is equivalent to about SGD 1263 (USD 1027)

Update :
You can get the Samsung Note II LTE without mobile contract in Singapore for S$998


Do you think the Note 2 will outsell the iPhone 5 that was launched last week? Yes, it might be iPhone vs Samsung again!

Update: 4th October 2012

  • We might get LTE version first, before the 3G version
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE cost S$998 (without contract) – ie. Note 2 might cost more (or equivalent?)
  • Malaysia’s launching the Note 2 next week
  • Singapore’s launch should be “sometime soon”, before US


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So what do you think? Are you ditching your iPhones OR even the Samsung S3 OR Your Samsung Note “1” for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? Or are you waiting for the rumoured iPad mini ?

Made The Switch?

Find Out how to transfer your contacts and other information from your iPhone to your new Samsung Note 2, S3, or other Android Devices.


Transfer Data From iPhone To Samsung Galaxy Note 2


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