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The Samsung GALAXY S3 was launched on 3 May 2012 in London. Available in two colors, it would be until Quarter 2, 2012 before we can have this latest Samsung Galaxy addition in our local shops in Singapore.

Before we receive a unit for our review and tests, here are some of the features of the Samsung GALAXY S III (S3).

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Samsung_GALAXY_SIII_White_400x505Featuring the 3 main core ideas, Intelligence, Sharing and Greatness, the Samsung GALAXY S III is out to dominate the Android smartphone market share.

It is Designed for Humans, and it said to go Beyond smart and fulfills your needs by Thinking as you think, and Acting as you act.



New Features that are Easy to Use, but Exceptionally Poweful!

S Voice

With the Voice Recognition feature, you can basically talk to the GALAXY S III. Turn it on with your voice, Control the Alarm Clock Snooze timing, Answer (or Reject) a Call, control your music playback levels, and even telling the camera when to snap a picture!

Social Tag

You can link faces in your Photo Album with your friend’s social media streams, and once it’s all set, you can look at their current social media status profiles by just looking at their pictures!

Direct Call

While sending someone a text message, if you decide to call them up instead, you can just simply lift the phone to your ear and Direct Call will dial their number for you, without the need to go through call logs or Contacts page to make that call!

Smart Stay

This feature uses the front camera of the GALAXY S III and automatically recognizes when you are looking at the phone, by looking at your eyes and maintains the brightness of the screen while you are browsing the web or reading an e-book.

Smart Alert

If you’ve left the GALAXY S III unattended for some time, when you pick up the phone again, it will know you’re back and gives inform you about your missed calls and messages by giving you a brief vibrating nudge.


Make Connections, Share and Enjoy!

S Beam

S Beam lets you share documents, contacts, pictures, music, videos and many more, just by putting the back of two of the phones together.

AllShare Play

With DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and Wi-Fi Direct, you can share contents on various devices giving you remote access to documents and multimedia files when you work on a different screen elsewhere.

Buddy Photo Share

The phone recognizes faces and links your photos for you, and you can share them with everyone instantly  using group profiles for guidance.

AllShare Cast

You can mirror your phone’s display onto a big screen wirelessly, pefect for gamers. After the game appears on the screen, you can even use the buttons on your phone as a wireless controller!



Simply Elegance marked by natural design, the Samsung GALAXY S III is a joy to hold and behold. With maximized processing power and seamless performance


The GALAXY S III’s minimal and organic design is reflected in its smooth and non-linear lines. Designed for Humans, it provides an ergonomic and comfortable experience with enhanced usability. Its comfortable to hold, and the gentle curves and platinum organic form gives it a natural look and feel.

Pop Up Play

Multitasking on the GALAXY S III’s 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED screen is possible with Pop Up Play and the powerful Quad-Core Processor. You can watch an HD video in another window while sending an email or text simultaneously. You can resize the video and drag it to anywhere you want on the screen while chatting with your friends or surfing the internet.

4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED

With the GALAXY S III, you get 4.8 inches of High Definition display and vivid viewing experience, as well as True Colors and ultrafast response times. HD video playback is superbly sharap, and it’s also incredibly energy efficient and amazingly thin!

Best Photo

The Samsung GALAXY S III automatically takes a burst of 8 shots to make a continuous scene and will choose the best one of the bunch for you, making sure you never miss a smile or catch someone when they’re blinking!


(Depends on Country)

With LTE running between 30 to 60 Megabytes per second, you can stream videos, upload your contents to the cloud, or play the latest graphics rich online games.

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