What and When is Black Friday?

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Have you been receiving emails and mailers recently regarding Black Friday Promotions, and wondering what and when is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday was traditionally set to mark the beginning of the Christmas Shopping season. Most major retailers will open early and offer promotions to kick off the Holiday Shopping Season.

The day is not an official holiday, but some companies observe this day and gives their employees a day (or half?) off to participate in offers and promotions at retail shops.

These days, with Online Shopping trends, there are many Black Friday Promotions going on and circulating in our email boxes, thus opening the doors to more promotions (and purchases).


Black Friday Origins

The day originates in Philadelphia and was used to observe the heavy traffic flow (both pedestrian and vehicles) occuring on the day after Thanksgiving. The term started before 1961 and began to be widely used outside of Philadelphia around 1975.

It is not to be confused with Black Monday though.

Traditionally, retailers would open at 6 am on this day – but lately, opening hours on this day began as early as 4am (or even midnight!)

When is Black Friday?

This year, 2012, Black Friday is today!! 23rd November 2012. In 2013, Black Friday will be observed on the 29th November 2012

Happy Shopping Everyone!! 🙂


Black Friday Deals Online

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