[Sponsored Video] Can A Man Travel From Inner Mongolia To Bangkok With Just Heineken?

Go Places With Heineken

Can you survive a trip without any money? Check out how this man, Justin Bratton did it, travelling a total distance of 5187 km from Shangdu (Inner Mongolia) to Shanghai, Hanoi to Bangkok, with nothing but Heineken and his navigation instincts plus his Barter Trading skills!

Justin fulfilled this mission to reach his final destination, Sensation Thailand, with just Heineken to exchange for rides on all forms of transportation he could find; boats, ferries, trishaw, a tractor, train, motorbikes,Tuk Tuk amongst other vehicles, and even a horse !! And you should also check out how he crossed the Hoan Kiem Lake in Vietnam!

And Barter trading using Heineken doesn’t stop here. Watch the videos to find out more!

Stand a chance to win the Grand Prize, a VIP Trip to Sensation Taiwan for 4 (You and 3 friends), or a Leica D-LUX 5 Digital Camera, plus daily prizes of a Heineken Adventure Pack (Heineken Backpack, Windbreaker, Headphones and Can Speakers) to be won.
Watch The Video And Win


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Heineken Passport How To Win

Get yourself a Heineken Passport and accumulate mileage by sharing and watching the contents. Additionally, at the end of each video, you get bonus miles by answering simple questions too!

The Heineken Passport holder who earns the most miles daily will get a chance to win the Daily prize. Your total accumulated miles will also be converted into chances to win more prizes in the Final Draw, including the Grand Prize!

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