Singapore Straits Times Hacked by Anonymous

Hello Friends,

If you have been following the news today, you might have read that a blog in our local newspaper, The Straits Times, have been hacked, and the hacker left behind these codes :

22 66 5e 7b a8 68 c9 0d f3 f0 47 c9 d2 e5 4a 33 02 be 20 f4 15 29 5e 7b 76 12 8d 5f 1f dd 59 44

Anyone knows what these codes mean?


A police report have been made by the Straits Times, and currently investigations is ongoing.

The site was attacked by the hacker Messiah who claims to be part of the Anonymous collective, for a news article that mislead people into believing that the group intended to wage a war against Singapore.

He (She/They) is/are demanding an apology from the news reporter

The article have since been taken down from Straits Time’s blog, but if you want to read the original cache copy of the hacked page, you may still be able to find it here



For more information on what the hack was about, check out the articles here :

Singapore News Paper Straits Times Hacked



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