Singapore Blog Awards 2012 Finalist

We are delighted to be among the Top 10 Finalist for Singapore Blog Awards 2012 for Gmarket (Qoo10 Singapore)’s Best Online Shopping Blog organised by, Singapore’s first bilingual-friendly (Mandarin and English) news and interactive web portal by leading media group Singapore Press Holdings Ltd.

Here’s our E-Interview regarding the Singapore Blog Awards 2012


How Do You Feel About Being One Of The Finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012

I feel honoured to be selected. I wanted to contest for the “Best Lifestyle Blog” category, but I guess the Finalists for the “Lifestyle” category were very strong! But I am still delighted that I got selected for the Gmarket (Qoo10 Singapore) Best Online Shopping Blog.

You can find out more about Gmarket (or now known as Qoo10 Singapore) in our recent post here.

When Did You Start Blogging And What Drew You To It? Where Did You Get Your Inspiration For Your Blog Content?

I actually started only in January this year (2012), and it was actually an attempt to create a passive income with Affiliate Marketing programmes and Google Adsense.

However, I realised that not all Affiliate Marketing products are suitable for my website blog, so I only selectively include their links in my articles now.

I talk about “Everything In and Out Of Singapore” in my website blog, and surprisingly, almost 50% of my readers are actually friends from outside of Singapore.

So other than articles about Lifestyle in Singapore, we actually include articles that are “global”, ie. our recent article on the “Annular Solar Eclipse” that occured on the 21st May 2012.

Anyway, I would still like to focus on local Lifestyle, but inorder to cater to our friends from other region, I have to write about global topics as well, so I need to find inspiration that would strike a balance between local and global news and product information.

And where do we find the inspiration? Online news websites ie. 🙂

There are also a few companies that provide me with products to test out and review.


How Do You Feel About The Other Finalists In Your Category This Year? How Do You Think You Will Fare Compared To Them?

Honestly, I feel that everybody here (and other categories as well) are real good. And most of the mates here are already experienced bloggers, but I take it as a challenge, for myself to produce articles that will not only be suitable for the award requirements, but also for my friends in this website.

This should be a good learning experience as well as a way to gain more friends who share the same interest – that is to write.


Give A Reason Why Readers Should Visit Your Blog And Vote For You?

To Win! We win by gaining new knowledge, by gaining new experiences, and by making new friends.

And as a token of appreciation for my voters, I am also holding my own contest to award one lucky reader with S$100 from my winnings if I win the top prize. More details here.



At present, other than preparing my articles for the requirements for the Singapore Blog Awards 2012, I am also fighting a hacker (or a group of them) everyday. They are trying to take down my site and they succeeded sometime early this month (7th May 2012) when my site was taken down three times within the week. Anyway, I have tighten up my security, but I’m still monitoring my traffic everyday to look for suspicious activities 🙁

Meanwhile, do check out my recent posts in my website and please give my your support and vote for me (everyday)

Thank You!

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