[Rumour] Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini – The Size May Be Small But That’s How Big Small Can Be


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Samsung Galaxy S3 mini Rumoured Launch Event

So Gross Kann Klein Sein Und So Klein Kann Gross Sein

That’s the headlines on a Samsung Invitation Flyer for a special event to be held on 11th October 2012 at the Samsung Mobile Store in Frankfurt.

When I use Google Translate to see what it says, the translated text shows:

As Large And Small Can Be So Small Can Be Big

which might mean that :

Although the size may be small, but that’s how Big, small can be

Once again, another suspense event in Quarter 4 of 2012!! This could possibly mean that the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini might be unveiled in this special event!! Or it could just be the official launch event for the Android powered Samsung Galaxy Camera ..

I thought that the size of the S3 was great (but the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is better!!), but this mini sized S3 could be targeted to compete with the iPhone 5. We’ll find out next week How Big, Small Can Be !


What’s expected of the Samsung Galaxy S3 mini :

  • “mini” display – 4-inch
  • Dual Core CPU
  • Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  • 5MP rear camera


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