New Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with Full HD Display Option

DELL XPS 13  - 1080p

See more with Full HD display option on the Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook

Since its introduction in early 2012, the XPS 13 Ultrabook has garnered 52 awards across 18 countries through Q3 last year. Today, Dell has made one of its most decorated products even better by introducing the option of a high-resolution, full HD display.

The XPS 13 boasts superb craftsmanship, high performance computing and thoughtful design in a compact form factor, featuring a 13-inch screen in a near 11-inch footprint

said Deepak Wagh, General Manager, Consumer Business, Dell Singapore

With the XPS 13 full HD display option, we’re delivering everything and more in the same sleek, portable package, allowing users to fully enjoy their photos and videos in stunning detail.

The new 1920 x 1080p display on the XPS 13 contains almost twice the pixels of a typical 720p display, and the difference is sharper images, whether you are viewing high resolution images, watching 1080p video or even reading text on an eBook or a web page.

More pixels also means more screen real estate, allowing users to see more of that spreadsheet (as illustrated in the image below) or see more detail in a high resolution image compared to a typical notebook screen.

DELL XPS 13 compare 720p vs 1080p

Note: The above image illustrates the increased viewing area the full HD panel provides. It is not a picture of the actual full HD display.

Apart from the increased clarity, the full HD display also offers a 72% color gamut, compared to the 45% found on the standard panel. This means that the new display can reproduce a visibly wider range of colors compared to the standard display. The full HD panel also has a much wider viewing angle compared to the standard display — 178 degrees versus 80 degrees — and at 350 nits, is up to 75% brighter than a typical 200-nit display.

Other features that made the XPS 13 popular, such as its sleek, thin, lightweight but sturdy design, backlit keyboard, soft-touch palmrest, edge-to-edge display, and great-sounding speakers are all still there. With third-generation i5 and i7 processors and integrated HD 4000 graphics at its core, users will not have to compromise on performance.

Enterprise-ready features that have made the XPS 13 popular with businesses, like ProSupport, Configuration Services, Asset Tagging, BitLocker Data Encryption and more are still supported. IT administrators looking to automate the OS deployment process can utilize the XPS 13 CAB files as well.


Availability and Pricing :

The XPS 13 with full HD display is available now at a starting price of S$1,749


About Dell :

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