My Super Secret HQ

My Super Secret HQ

Roger runs a Top Secret Underground Base and is the leader of the Peacemakers, a group of 4 Super Heroes, each with their own Unique Abilities and a Common Goal – to protect and save the world from the ruthless super villain, Havoc.

One day, Roger’s daughter Samantha, aged 11, together with a friend, sneaked into the headquarters and uncovered her father’s secret. However, she accidentally fired a ray gun at Roger and the Peacemakers, turning them into little kids!

Now, Samantha must take responsibility of her own actions and to run the Super Secret HeadQuarters while she searches for a way to undo the effects of the ray gun. As she wrestles with being a good leader and guardian to the group of 8 year old superheroes, she must also hide and protect their identities from the cunning super villain, Havoc.

Premiering tonight at 8pm, “My Super Secret HQ” will air on Okto TV Channel every Thursday 8pm and Saturday at 12noon.


Video: My Super Secret H.Q. Trailer

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