DELL’s Strongest Ever Portfolio Of Business Computing Solutions

DELL just announced the release of new business computing solutions that contribute to its strongest-ever portfolio of products, integrated solutions and services today. Helping organizations of all sizes do more than ever, these new solutions contribute to Dell’s end-to-end solutions strategy.


Dell Latitude E-Family And Dell OptiPlex

A completely refreshed portfolio of its Latitude and OptiPlex Business Laptops and Desktops, featuring durable, consumer-inspired designs that help customers maximize productivity and organizational control while maintaining high levels of data security. These business client solutions offer dynamic, flexible and intuitive interfaces, stylish and sophisticated design and business-class control. They integrate seamlessly into today’s evolving business technology ecosystems, helping customers to drive productivity and achieve results. Additional details on the new entry-level Dell Precision T1650 Tower Workstation have also been announced.

“Dell’s heritage is delivering business client solutions that help customers drive productivity and achieve results. Today we offer our strongest-ever portfolio of products, integrated solutions and services, building upon our history to help organizations of all sizes do more than ever,” said Ho Chye Soon, General Manager, Commercial Business, Dell Singapore.

“Dell’s new client lineup helps customers thrive with mission-driven devices and solutions that empower end-users –in the boardroom, the classroom, the hospital, or on the battlefield- while providing the state-of-the-art manageability and data protection that IT departments require.” 

“As end point computing models continue to evolve so do the requirements of organizations to create a productive, manageable and secure environment,” said Bob O’Donnell, Program Vice President, Clients and Displays, IDC.

“End-to-end solutions are extremely important to Dell customers as they strive for greater end-user productivity while maintaining IT control.” 

Dell Vostro Laptops And Dedicated Services


new line of Vostro laptops designed to deliver strong performance and security with IT support crafted specifically for growing businesses. These new Vostro laptops are easy to configure, easy to maintain, highly productive, and feature the latest technology and business-critical security and support, providing an end-to-end solution that enables emerging businesses to grow and thrive in competitive environments.

“Growing a business takes more than just hardware; you need to have a solid support system in place to scale and succeed,” said Ho Chye Soon, General Manager, Commercial Business, Dell Singapore.

“The Vostro product family enables emerging businesses to grow and thrive in competitive environments. Our end-to-end solution is the reason why so many of our Vostro customers recommend the products to their friends, family and colleagues.” 

Performance and Design Built for Success

Designed for professionals in search of power, portability, and value, the new Vostro laptops offer three elegant sizes – 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch, and three colors – Aberdeen Silver, Brisbane Bronze and Lucerne Red. The laptops are available with options such as the latest Intel 3rd generation processors that enable professionals to breeze through their intensive day-to-day tasks, while extended battery life enables hours of mobile productivity. The laptops also feature comprehensive wireless connectivity and collaboration solutions such as an HD webcam and microphone, Waves MaxxVoice Pro and Bluetooth 4.0.

The 13-inch Vostro 3360 offers superb portability in a thin 0.76-inch design and mainstream performance for professionals constantly on the go. The 14 and 15-inch Vostro 3460 and 3560 laptops simplify content creation by delivering superior performance ready to handle the most demanding business needs.

All three laptops, when configured with an optional 32GB mSATA SSD card, support Intel Rapid Start and Smart Response technologies. Rapid Start delivers fast boot-up and hibernate response times, while Smart Response quickly recognizes and cashes the most frequently used files and applications, allowing customers to access critical business information quickly and easily.


Security and Services
An increasingly mobile workforce has made it a requirement for growing businesses to depend on reliable, secure and simple to use technology with little or no maintenance. The Vostro line delivers dependable, worry-free business security and services allowing customers to concentrate on succeeding with their business without focusing on their IT.

Standard fingerprint readers, file and folder encryption via digitalPersona File Protection software, and Trend Micro security software ensure that critical data is securely protected, while Dell DataSafe Online Backup safeguards that valuable data via online back-up to a protected, remote storage site. Additionally, when customers select Dell’s comprehensive ProSupport service, they will receive 24/7 access to experts well-versed in the needs of a growing business, and Dell’s optional Accidental Damage Service adds an extra level of security by protecting the laptops from drops, spills, surges and other on-the-job accidents.


Pricing and Availability :

  • The Latitude Laptops are available starting from S$1,348
  • The OptiPlex Desktops are available starting from S$1,069
  • The Dell Precision T1650 is available starting from S$1,799
  • The Vostro 3360, 3460 and 3560 Laptops will be available in July 2012.
    Pricing details will be announced at a later date



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