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Living in this fast pace society, where everything is moving so quickly in front of us, in order to Stop Time, and capture THAT SPECIAL MOMENT, we have to rely on tools, such as a camera, to capture it on a photograph.

A photograph, can preserve our Visual Memories. And if it is composed well, and enhanced with a touch of special effects and filters, it could make our viewing experiences more enjoyable – and may even win us some Awards 🙂


The Best Camera Is One That’s With You

I do not own a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera), and because I have my iPhone® with me all the time, it is my Best Camera 🙂

Today I am going to share with you an add-on Wide Angle Lens for my iPhone – the Jelly Lens


How To Get This FREE from Qoo10 Singapore

Remember I mentioned about the Q-Affiliate Program from Qoo10 Singapore?

Qoo10 Singapore Q-Affiliate Earnings 2months - SingaporeanLifeStyle.com
I have made more than S$10 now (you get 2% of the revenue when someone makes a confirmed purchases), and used part of the earnings to buy the Jelly Lens, therefore I got this FREE from Qoo10 Singapore 🙂


UPDATE : March 2013

Qoo10 Singapore Q-Affiliate Results June 2012 to March 2013

From June 2012 till March 2013, I’ve sold more than S$7K of products for Qoo10 Singapore giving me some extra cash. You can click on the above image to view a larger version, and check out the period from December 2012 till Feb 2013, that is the “peak season” for shopping – Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year

You can read more about Q-Affiliate Program here.


Qoo10 Singapore Wide Angle Jelly Lens

Jelly Lens are attachments to your cameras to create fantastic effects like Wide Angle, Stretch Effects, Kaleidoscope Effects, Polarized Effect and even Close Ups and up to 12 different effects.

Here are some examples of the Jelly Lens, you can find out more about Jelly Lens from Qoo10 Singapore here.

Qoo10 Singapore Jelly Lens Examples

Each Jelly Lens gives one specific effect, there is a packaged price promotion from the seller that gives you some discount if you purchase all 12. Find out more from the seller here.

I got myself the Wide Angle Lens, and here are some shots taken on my iPhone through the Wide Angle Jelly Lens:

SingaporeanLifeStyle WideAngle with Jelly Lens from Qoo10 Singapore

SingaporeanLifeStyle WideAngle with Jelly Lens from Qoo10 Singapore

SingaporeanLifeStyle WideAngle with Jelly Lens from Qoo10 Singapore


These images were cropped and Color Corrected in Gimp (an opensource app similar to PhotoShop, but it’s FREE!)

Now that vintage and blurred out edges looks are the IN thing, for your photo sharing, thanks to popularity of mobile apps like Instagram, wouldn’t it be great if you can get such effects right from your camera?

The nice Concave effect from the sides and the blurred out effect at the edges of the images were naturally created by the Wide Angle Jelly Lens. We could create these effects in post production with Photo Enhancement apps, but it would be nice if we could get it direct from our camera (phone camera).

The Wide Angle Jelly Lens actually creates a green tint and circular edge on the photos, thus I had to crop it to remove the circular edge. However, depending on your creative needs, the Green tints might be useful, if you like it.

I don’t expect these 2 dollars (S$2.50 from Qoo10 Singapore) filters to suddenly turn me into a Professional Photographer, and I am not sure if I can use these images and win some awards at Photography Competitions, but if you do win some competition with your greatly composed photograph through these Jelly Lenses, do let me know and tell people you hear about it from me! (haha)



Check out Qoo10 Singapore’s FaceBook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/Qoo10Singapore and follow them on Twitter for more updates on the Latest Deals and Promotions.

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