Traditional Chinese Weddings


Traditional Chinese Weddings


Traditional Chinese Weddings

In anicient China, Traditional Chinese Weddings were often arranged by the parents.

When the groom’s parents found a potential daughter-in-law, they will hire a matchmaker (媒人 mei ren), a spokeswoman, who will communicate their wish to the potential bride’s family.

The matchmaker is usually an elderly woman who acts as midwives or spokeswoman for the groom’s family.

There are also times where the marriage have been arranged when both the bride and groom were very young (or not even born).

The Chinese Weddings Traditions follow customs that began between 402 and 221 BC during the Era of the Warring States or the Warring States Period  (战国时代 Zhan Guo Shi Dai)

There are many customary rituals to follow. The three venerable
texts were considered necessary elements of a Traditional Chinese marriage. They are :

These were condensed into the Three Letters and Six Etiquettes, also known as the Three Covenants and the Six Rites, (三书六礼 San Shu Liu Li).

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