Is The Haze Coming Back To Singapore Again?

PSI Forecast 23-24July2013

The number of hotspots in Sumatra, as tracked by satellite, has gone up sharply, reaching 292!

Of these, 185 are found to be in Riau province in central Sumatra, which is about 280 km from Singapore.

Is the haze coming back to Singapore again?

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#BeatTheHaze – 24 Hour PSI Forecast up till 25th June 2013 6pm

PSI Forecast 24hr till 25 June 2013 6pm

Here’s the 24 Hour PSI Forecast up till 25th June 2013, 1800hrs #SgHaze #BeatTheHaze

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#BeatTheHaze – Why N95 Mask?

3M N95 8210

Now that the air pollution and PSI in Singapore is almost back to normal, have you wondered what and why N95 mask were recommended?

Should we be doing any further precautions in case the wind direction changes again?

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#BeatTheHaze – Tips to Stay Healthy During This Period

Chinese Remedy for Health during Haze - in Chinese

Here’s a chinese food therapy for your health.

Do share it with your family, friends and loved ones.

Everybody, Please Take Care!

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#BeatTheHaze – Hopefully We Will See A Change This Saturday or Sunday

3M N95 Haze Masks

The Haze situation in Singapore have entered the Hazardous zone.

Please take extra care and precautions – especially if you have old people, small children or people who have asthma – please keep an extra eye on them!

However, there might be a change in wind direction this Saturday or Sunday!

Let’s all Hope For The Best!

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