#BeatTheHaze – Hopefully We Will See A Change This Saturday or Sunday

Hello Friends,

With the PSI hitting a record high of 371 at 1pm just now (20th June 2013) – based on the 3 hour average PSI reading from our National Environment Agency (NEA) – the Haze situation in Singapore have entered the “Hazardous Zone”.

Currently, at 6pm, the reported PSI is 310.


PSI Air Quality Description from NEA :

  • PSI 0-10
    Air Quality is Good
  • PSI 51-100
    Air Quality is Moderate
  • PSI 101-200
    Air Quality is Unhealthy
  • PSI 201-300
    Air Quality is Very Unhealthy
  • PSI Above 300
    Air Quality is HAZARDOUS



Keep Calm and Stay Alert

Do drink lots of water and Please Stay Indoors if possible!

PSI, Please Stay Indoors

Also, please take extra care and precautions – especially if there are old people, small children or people who have asthma around you – please keep an extra eye on them!


Wind Of Change

However, there is a chance that there might be a change in wind direction this Saturday, 22nd June 2013 or Sunday, 23rd June 2013.

Let’s All Hope for the Best!



3M N95 Haze Masks


Do share with us and let us know how are you protecting yourself and your family or loved ones from our current haze issue.

If you are looking at getting (N95) Haze Masks, you can purchase the above 3M Haze Masks from the comfort of your home from Qoo10 Singapore!


For updates on the PSI reading for Singapore, please visit www.nea.gov.sg/psi



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