Using Google Plus Comments In Your Blog

Using Google Plus Comments In Your Blog

Hello Bloggers and Friends!

Did you know that you can insert Google Plus Comments in your blog? (See the Google+ Comments box below)

When you get comments or replies, it will appear in both your blog post as well as on your Google+ profile or page (if you’ve shared the post on Goggle+)

Google+ comments was introduced to bloggers in in April 2013, and was a big improvement to the previous Blogger comment system, especially the threaded comments view.

For the rest of us who are not on the platform, we can now do this with plugins (if you are on WordPress, you can install them from your WordPress Dashboard), or you could insert the codes into your blog articles manually.

This is the code to use :

<script src=””>
data-width=”[text width]

Just replace the [URL] with your article’s web address, and [text width] with the width of your blog’s article width.


This is the code that I am using in this blog post :

<script src=””>
data-first_party_property=”BLOGGER” data-view_type=”FILTERED_POSTMOD”>

At the moment, I am using Disqus in this blog. However, after checking out G+, I realised that the community in G+ is more helpful, active and also more willing to share their thoughts – maybe because the topics we discuss in G+ communities are more focused.

I’m trying out this G+ comment system now and might switch from Disqus to G+ totally!

Are you using Google+ comments in your blog? Or do you prefer other comment systems? Do let us know, and test out the comment box below!





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