Traditional Chinese Wedding – The Bride’s Home visit

Traditional Chinese Weddings - Post Wedding Activities – THE BRIDAL'S HOME VISIT (三朝回门)


Traditional Chinese Weddings – Post Wedding Activities – THE BRIDAL’S HOME VISIT (三朝回门 San Zhao Hui Men)

Traditionally, three days after the wedding ceremony, the Bride is expected to visit her own home.

The bride’s younger brother will arrive at the Groom’s home with a wedding basket filled with items like, toiletries, perfumed oils, make-up, etc for his sister. This symbolises that he misses his sister and wants her to go back with him for a visit.

Usually the visit to the Bride’s home is accompanied by the Groom. They will bring along gifts for her parents and also gifts for all the elder members of the family.

There will also be another tea ceremony (if the Bride did not have the ceremony before leaving the house on the wedding day)

The Bride’s mother’s wedding tea set (if it is still available) is used for the ceremony.

During the visit, a sweet soup with lotus seeds, dried longan, red dates and rice balls is served, to symbolise a sweetness and harmony for the couple.


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