Auspicious Wedding Dates in December 2012

December 2012 Auspicious Weddings Dates





The following are Auspicious Dates for Traditional Chinese Weddings in December 2012 :


  • 2nd December 2012 |农历十月九日
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Rabbit

  • 3rd December 2012 |农历十月廿
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Dragon

  • 5th December 2012 |农历十月廿二日
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Horse

  • 10th December 2012 |农历十月廿七日
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Boar

  • 18th December 2012 |农历十月
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Goat

  • 30th December 2012 |农历十一月八日
    Chinese Lunar Zodiac conflict: Goat




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These dates are for your Reference Only. They are based on generic Auspicious Dates for Weddings from the Chinese Almanac Tong Sheng for 2012.
Please consult a Feng Shui Master for further clarifications on matching these dates to the couple’s Ba Zi and compatibility.

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