The #1 iPhone Tips – How to Fix a Broken Home Button

The #1 iPhone® Tips
– How to Fix a Broken Home Button


If you have a broken or unresponsive Home button on your iPhone®, and fixing the iPhone works out to be too costly because your warranty expired, you can save some bucks when you have iOS™5 installed.

Activate your Assitive Touch by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Assistive Touch (under Physical & Motor)



You will get an on-screen button (that fades away when not in use), and when you tap on it, you get an on-screen window where you can tap your “newHome Button.



You can even double tap this on-screen Home Button to reveal your multi-tasking toolbar with all your recently opened apps or even triple tap it if you’ve assigned a function to your Triple-click-Home Button option (available in the Accessibility menu as well)

Hope this iPhone Tips helps those of you (like me), who have an unresponsive Home Button!!




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