Will Apple Announce The New iPhone 5 on 12th September 2012 Special Event?


Apple 12 September 2012 Special Event


Will The iPhone® 5 Be Announced On 12th September?


Update: 12th September 2012

Yes!! iPhone 5 Announced, among others:

  • iOS 6
  • 5th Generation New iPod Touch
  • 7th Generation iPod Nano
  • and … earPODS !!

Check It Out Here!


Apple® sent out invitations to the press for a Special Event on 12th September 2012, 10am, at the Yerba Center for the Arts in San Francisco.

(Note, the New iPad® was revealed earlier this year at the same venue too)

Check out the image above that appeared on the invites. “It’s Almost Here“, with a large “12“, followed by a shadow of the number “5“.

“5” can mean anything.. 5 new improvements, 5 inch iPad mini (7?!), OR the highly hyped long awaited iPhone 5 !! But with the use of the word “Almost“, it might mean that it will not be available until a later date?

In recent news and rumour sites, there were leaks of how the new iPhone might look like; Taller, slimmer, nano-SIM, and of course a larger screen!

Will the “iPhone 5” be called “The New iPhone” ? Will it spot a 5-inch screen? Or is it just an event to launch the new iOS 6?

With Samsung’s recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note II with a 5.55 inch display, we are all waiting eagerly to find out what the new iPhone 5 will be!

2 more days… 2 more days!!

Meanwhile, here’s a roundup of the rumoured iPhone 5:

  • Larger Display (1136 x 640px at an aspect ration of 16:9)
  • 9-pin connector (instead of the current 30-pin ports)
  • Nano Sim card (instead of the current micro-SIM used on our iPhone 4)
  • New Earphones
  • A Faster Processor?
  • Available on 21st September 2012
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