Standard SIM, MicroSIM, NanoSIM or TriSIM?

StarHub TriSIM card

Singapore’s First Universal TriSIM card

Do you guys find it a hassle whenever you need to change your handphone or other mobile devices regularly, because of the different types of SIM cards? Check out Singapore’s first universal TriSIM card from StarHub!

It comes in all three form factors in a compact package at no extra cost to consumers – and you can convert between the various SIM card form factors anytime too, the conversion is reversible!!

StarHub has begun stocking up on TriSIM across its retail outlets. Customers who sign up for a StarHub Mobile plan can get the new universal SIM card at $37.45, while existing subscribers can replace their current SIM card for $26.75. The universal SIM card is also available for mobile pre-paid customers at StarHub Shops and selected 7-Eleven stores.

Check them out today!!



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