PIONEER Announces Enhanced iPhone 5 Connectivity with AppRadio Mode

Pioneer Announces Enhanced iPhone 5 Connectivity for Multimedia Receivers with AppRadio Mode


Two iPhone 5 Connectivity Kits for Five In-Dash Products Available in March 2013

Pioneer Electronics has announced two solutions that provide enhanced connectivity between iPhone® 5 and five models of Pioneer’s 2012 and 2013 Multimedia receivers.

AppRadio Mode is an enhanced version of the previously known Advanced App Mode, which provides in-car connectivity to the iPhone 5 via the Pioneer Multimedia receiver. The connectivity kit solutions enable drivers to play and control music and videos stored on their iPhone 5, and launch a wide slew of applications compatible with iPhone 5 such as Waze, the social navigation application. At the same time, the connectivity kit solutions provide an enhanced Bluetooth® connectivity between the iPhone 5 and the respective Pioneer Multimedia receivers, allowing users to enjoy hands-free calling and, on select models, A2DP wireless audio streaming and control.


To enhance the in-car smartphone experience with iPhone 5, the connectivity kits are compatible with the following :

  • 2013 Multimedia receiver models :
  • 2012 Multimedia receiver model :


“With the growing popularity and adoption of smartphones, Pioneer remains committed to delivering connectivity in the car with the latest smartphone models, such as the Apple iPhone 5”

said Mr. Masayoshi Ishikubo, Senior General Manager of Sales & Marketing Group, Pioneer Electronics AsiaCentre.

“With a compatibility solution that integrates with our revolutionary AppRadio Mode products, more smartphone users will be able to enjoy connectivity in the car. Pioneer will also continue to develop solutions and grow the list of compatible applications for in-car use to meet our consumers’ expectations.”


Digital AV Solution

Cars with the AVH-X8550BT Multimedia receiver can enjoy an “all digital” connection with the CD-IH202 connectivity kit. The kit includes a 2-meter automotive grade HDMI cable, which handles all audio and video transfers between the AVH-X8550BT and the iPhone 5, which is used together with the pre-packaged USB extension cable. To complete compatibility between the AVH-X8550BT and the iPhone 5, consumers must also obtain Apple’s Lightning to USB Cable and Lightning Digital AV Adapter, as well as a firmware update* from Pioneer (available in March 2013 at no charge).

The CD-IH202 will be available in March 2013.


VGA Solutions

Pioneer also offers the CD-IV202AV for use with Pioneer’s 2013 Multimedia receivers and the AVH-P8450BT. The VGA solutions include a proprietary connector cable and interface module to accomplish audio and video transfer and a 1.8-meter USB extension cable. To complete compatibility between these Pioneer products and the iPhone 5, consumers must also obtain Apple’s Lightning to USB Cable and Lightning to VGA Adapter, as well as a firmware update from Pioneer for select 2012 and 2013 Multimedia receivers (available in March 2013 at no charge).

The CD-IV202AV will be available in March 2013.


Connectivity Kit Solutions & Compatible Products :

  • CD-IH202 (HDMI)
  • CD-IV202AV (VGA)

*NOTE: Apple’s Lightning to USB Cable and Lightning Digital AV Adapter or Lightning to VGA Adapter are required with corresponding Pioneer connectivity kits.



Check These Out :

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Additional notes :

  • Review the operation manual as well as all instructions and cautions provided with compatible smartphone applications before use. Become familiar with any applicable state and local laws. Pay attention to the road, limit glances to the Pioneer system, and do not use any feature if it cannot be operated safely in your location and environment. Distracted driving may result in serious injury, including death
  • In its bid to provide customers the best, Pioneer constantly seeks out new compatible applications to maximize in-car entertainment. For the updated list of applications available in your country, please refer to local branches or distributors of Pioneer Car Entertainment
  • AppRadio App & compatible applications may not be available in some countries. Pioneer AppRadio Mode application ‘AppRadio App’ is only applicable for 3G or Wi-Fi Connection situations
  • PIONEER and APPRADIO are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pioneer Corporation
  • iPHONE is a registered trademark of Apple Inc
  • Waze is a registered trademark of Waze Inc.



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