How To Transfer Data From iPhone To Android Phones?

Transfer Data From iOS to Android

How To Transfer Information From iPhone To Android Phones?

Smartphones these days allows us to store lots of information, ie. our contacts, schedule, documents, notes, and music. For most of us, other than playing games and surfing the internet on our smartphones, we still use the smartphone for making and receiving phone calls as well as to send messages.

If you were an iPhone user, and have recently gotten yourself the Samsung Galaxy S3 or you are planning to get the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you can follow these steps to transfer your information (data, contacts, calendar, notes) from your iPhone To Android Phones.


Step 1

  • First, set up a Google Gmail Account if you do not have one yet, and then add the account to your Android phone :
    from your Android device Menu -> Settings -> Accounts & Sync -> Add Account -> Google
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to sync your Google Account with your new Android Phone.


Step 2

  • Connect your iPhone to your desktop computer and launch iTunes.
  • Go to the Info tab and select “Sync Contacts With Google Contacts“.
    Use the same Google Account you have associated with your Android Phone from Step 1
  • Click Apply and your contact information from your iPhone will be synchronised with your Google Account.


Step 3

If you want to synchronise your Calendar and Notes too, go to the Mail, Contacts, Calendar settings in your iPhone:

Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars

If you have an existing Goggle Gmail Account already set up in your iPhone, select it and turn on the syncrhonisation function for your Calendars and Notes.

Your Calendar will be synchronised with the same Goggle Account in your new Android Phone. (Your iPhone Notes will be stored in your Gmail account in a label called “Notes”)


Transferring Your Photos And Videos

You can also transfer Photos and Videos from your iPhone to your new Android phone if you want. The easiest way is to synchronise your iPhone to your desktop computer and transfer the photos to a folder in your computer via iPhoto (or Image Capture on the Mac) If you are on a PC, you can access your iPhone’s images directory by connecting your iPhone to your PC : 

  • Go to your My Computer and find the connected iPhone
  • Right Click On the iPhone icon and select Explore
  • Now, you can drag the photos and videos out from the iPhone to a directory on your desktop where you can then move it to your Android Phone



Alternatively, you can also associate your iPhone with your DropBox or any other widely available Cloud Storage account and sychronise your Photos to them; and then transfer the photos to your Android Device by associating your Android phone to these Cloud Storage too, if it is supported.


Here’s some links to FAQ on :


Now, Enjoy your data in your new Android device!!

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