How To Receive Your Online Shopping Purchases Without Delay To Enjoy Your Online Shopping Experience

Online Shopping Purchases Without Delay

Are you still waiting for your Online Shopping Purchases to arrive or you’ve been wondering how long does it take for your Online Shopping items to be delivered or to reach you? Do check out the 5 Tips on how you can receive your Online Shopping items promptly at the bottom of this page.


If you have been actively buying items from Online Shopping platforms like Amazon, Gearbest, Qoo10, Lazada amongst others, you will realise the convenience of buying anything (almost) from the comfort of your home or while you are commuting on a public transport – Almost anywhere, as long as you have an Internet connection.




You might also realised that you will not receive the items immediately (as compared to getting them off your local stores). An exception could be Special occasions or some of your local stores might be fulfilling your orders and they promise to send you your items within hours.


So if you can’t wait, go out and get them from your local stores or opt for store pickups if the seller is local to you, and there is an option for that. You could also save on shipping / mailing fees – but you will need to factor in the cost of transportation and also taking the time to go to the shops.


However, do note that sometimes, even if the items you intend to purchase is from a store local to you, instead of going directly to them first, you might be able to enjoy further discounts with Discount codes or coupons through your Online Shopping platform or Mobile Apps.


Enjoy your Shopping Experience on Amazon


Tips On How To Receive Your Online Shopping Purchases Without Delay To Enjoy Your Online Shopping Experience

So, you are still waiting for your Online Shopping purchases to arrive?


You might already know this, or there might be some components you have


Here are some pointers on how to ensure that your expected delivery is not delayed :


  • Is Your Address Correct?

    Ensure that your Mailing Address (especially your Apartment, unit or house number is correct) – Go back to your Order Form to verify those if you are experiencing an unexpected delay

  • Is Your Recipient Name Correct?

    Your Name – this is not as important as a correct mailing address, unless there are many people in the unit or if you stay in an Apartment and you accidentally left out or entered a wrong unit number, at least the management or the person (your neighbour perhaps) who received your item accidentally might hand them to you – there could  still be Honest people out there!

  • Is there a Major Holiday or Festive Season that is going on?

    ie. Christmas, New Year holidays, Lunar Chinese New Year. Especially if your product is coming from China – they do have a very long break during the Lunar Chinese New Year period! If you can forsee delays due to these Festive Seasons, consider purchasing your items earlier, or opt for the faster (but more expensive) International Delivery options, if available.

    However, it is usually during these Festive Season that you can find a lot of sellers having Sales Events or Promotions or giving out Special Discount Code

  • Is there a Special Global Sales “Season” or event going on?

    ie. Black Friday Sales, Cyber Monday Sales, Special Anniversary Sakes, etc. Do expect a little delay during this period too.

  • Is the item that you’ve ordered banned in your country?

    You should not take the risk to purchase these items in the first place!



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