Celebrate Lunar Chinese New Year This Year With S$5000 From SAYS Singapore

SAYS CNY 2013 Win $5K Ang Pao

Usher In The Lunar New Year With Up To S$5000 Ang Pao from SAYS.com

Did you know that SAYS Singapore is giving away merchandises gifts and Ang Paos of up to S$5000 in their CNY GiveAway 2013 campaign?

About SAYS.com

SAYS.com is a social news network for users to curate and share trending news, videos, social events and they also gets paid when they share relevant advertiser sponsored content too.

There are country specific sites for users to participate in. Other than SAYS Singapore, there are portals for Australia, India, Malaysia and Philipines too!


SAYS Singapore CNY GiveAway 2013

At SAYS Singapore, to celebrate the upcoming Lunar Chinese New Year, for 30 consecutive days (from 11th January to 9th February 2013), they are giving away generous Mystery Prizes / Merchandise gifts (such as mugs, SAYS fan, caps amongst others), mini Ang Paos (from S$5 each) and Ang Pao Prizes from S$50 to S$5000 – The S$5000 prize have not been given out yet at the time of this article!!!

A contestant who has previously won is able to win again, as long as their ticket is selected as the winning ticket.


By the way, I am also a participant, and I have won four FIVE (UPDATE: – 5th Top Prize of the day on Day 21) of the daily Top Mystery prizes so far.

Read on, and I will share with you some (legal) tricks and tips on how to stand a higher chance to win.

These are my winnings so far, no Big S$5000 yet, but I am still hoping for the best for the upcoming few days (before 9th February 2013) :

  • 1st Prize on Day 15 – The Lenka Puzzle
  • Mini Ang Pao Prize on Day 17 – S$5 Cash
  • Mini Ang Pao Prize on Day 18 – S$5 Cash
  • 1st Prize on Day 19 – Armani Exchange Cap


Disclaimer :

SingaporeanLifeStyle.com is not directly associated with SAYS.com or any of their colleagues and staff, so I am eligible to participate in the SAYS Singapore CNY GiveAway 2013 Campaign too!


How To Participate ?

To participate, all you have to do is register an account and log in to SAYS, and share at least one daily SAYS Special from SAYS Singapore. A new Special will be released everyday.

SAYS CNY 2013 Specials


How To Share?

After selecting the Special, Click on one of the Social Media Channel (FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin or Goggle+) and share the Specials with your Friends.

How To Share SAYS CNY 2013 Special


Once you get a Unique Visit (U.V.), you get a Lucky Draw ticket emailed to your registered email address, and you can also check it from the event page when you log in to your SAYS Singapore account.

SAYS CNY 2013 SingaporeanLifeStyle Lucky Ticket #6541



Everyday the winning ticket will be drawn in front of live audience from SAYS YouTube Channel via Google Hangout at 3pm. The link to the Hangout will be posted on SAYS Singapore FaceBook Page everyday before the hangout starts.

Here are some of the Lucky Tickets I’ve Earned :

SAYS CNY 2013 SingaporeanLifeStyle Lucky Tickets


What is a Unique Visit (U.V.) ?

A Unique Visit is a click on a SAYS Special link from a Unique Visitor from Within Singapore


(VIDEO) Cutie Michelle Shows You How To Get $5000 Ang Pao

Check Out this Video from Cutie Michelle, a staff and one of the SAYS GiveAway 2013 Event Host, to find out more about how to participate.

SAYS CNY GiveAway Tutorial by Michelle


Who Is Your Favourite Host ?

SAYS CNY GiveAway 2013 Event Hosts

You also get a chance to vote for the your favourite host at SAYS Singapore FaceBook Page, and the top 2 hosts with the most FaceBook Likes will be the ones to announce the Grand Prize – The S$5000 Ang Pao!!!


Tips And My Secret On How To Win The Daily Mystery Prizes

Secret To Winning The Mystery Prizes

Everyday before the winning ticket is announced at SAYS YouTube Channel, the host(s) will ask a question. The first three person to give the correct answer will get to win the Mystery Prize for the day, and the top prize for the day will be given to the first person to give the right answer.

I have won FIVE of Top Mystery Prize of the Day so far, and here’s my tip on winning :

    • Firstly, I am fortunate to have two big computer monitors and a fairly fast computer in front of me, so I would open up two internet browsers (one on each screen) and go to the Youtube Channel page. If you are fortunate to have two computers or laptops or can get a friend to help, that would be beneficial – It would also help if you have a fairly fast internet connection – try not to browse other things or play some online video, music or games while the event is going on. If you have siblings or friends sharing the same internet connection, try to ask them (nicely!) to pause for a while..


    • Now, set one of the screen (or computer) to play the live video in full volume (or any volume level to your liking), and mute the other. On the other screen, keep your cursor on the comment box (so that when you switch back to this screen later, you can type out the answer immediately!)


    • I also set up a third page on Google. Yes, Google is my best friend !! So once the question is asked, if you know the answer, type it out immediately, else, quickly switch to the Google page and google away! Use ALT+TAB (for Windows users) or APPLE/Command+Tab (for MAC Users) to switch between opened windows – ie. on Day 18 when Farhana was asking the question on “What is the capital city of Romania?“, I don’t know the answer, so I quickly switched to the Google page and typed “romania capital city”, and I got my answer!!

(by the way, they do have hosts who are streaming the questions live from other countries as well, ie. Farhana from Romania, Sadho from India..)

It also helps if you can type a bit fast – I am no speed typist, but I think I can type fairly fast, so that helps a bit.

Ok, hope these tips works for you, and good luck in winning the Mystery Prize the next time too!

If you think these tips and info works for you, do let me know in the comment box below. You can also give me some Likes here, or at my FaceBook Page to let me know it works, and do share these with your mates too!

Update 4th February 2013 :

$5000 Ang Pao Will Be Given Out This Thursday

The SAYS team have leaked out The Secret that the $5000 Ang Pao Will be given out this Thursday, 7th February 2013!! Act Fast, Join In The Campaign Now!!!


Remember, the earlier you sign up with SAYS Singapore, the more opportunities you get, to receive the tickets. 

You also get to Earn Extra Lucky Draw Tickets by inviting your friends too!! Every friend you successfully invite earns you one extra ticket !

So Join In The Fun Today !!!

Wish Me Luck, And Also Good Luck To Everybody Too, HUAT AH !!!!!!!!          



All Images in this article are used with Permission.

All Trademarks mentioned in the page belong to their respective owners and the Brand Names are mentioned for identification purposes only.

SingaporeanLifeStyle.com is not associated with SAYS.com

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