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In line with the company’s latest Mission, to be “A True Asian Company with Global Competitiveness“, to build a dynamic Pan Asia e-Marketplace, my first experience with shopping with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore was Great!

If you are wondering why the name “Qoo10”, you can find out here:

The Meaning of Qoo10


Just to find out how efficient was the mobile app, I browsed for the item and placed my order via the Qoo10 Gmarket Online Shopping App.

The product that I ordered was a Beauty/Fragrance Product, ETERNITY by Calvin Klein 100ML Spray (For Men)

Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Shopping App - Go To Cart


Although it was listed wrongly under “Female”, but thanks to the “keyword smart” searching capability of their search engine (in both the website and mobile version), they know that “Men” do need Beauty Products (especially Cologne and Fragrances), and I was able to find the item I wanted easily!


Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Shopping App - Discount Coupons

The item was listed for S$64, but I had a 7% Discount Coupon, so I saved S$4.48 (ie. Final Price is S$59.52).

Most Discount Coupons needs a minimum purchase, but this 7% Discount Coupon does not need any minimum purchase (however, it only gives a maximum of S$5 off).

You can get Discount coupons from the Events or trying your luck with their Roulette Game at Qchance, or simply collecting a daily stamp to get Discount Coupons.

Additionally, when you sign up with and verifying your email address, you could get Discount coupons too!

There are also “Double Coupons” that are stackable with the current Discount Coupon you have.

If you are an avid buyer, you can consider getting the Discount Coupon Book at the Q-Prime Club.

Find Out More About the Q-Prime Club Here!


Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Package arrives

It arrived on the 3rd day after I’ve placed the order, and the packaging is acceptable too.


Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore Calvin Klein Eternity - unwrappedBut if you look at the photos above, you can see that the Bubble Wrap is actually a used one and a bit yellowish, BUT I’M NOT COMPLAINING!

In fact I would like to praise the seller for Saving The Earth and would also encourage others to constantly make an effort to recycle materials whenever possible! Be it bubble wraps, envelopes, gift boxes or even gift wrappers. We should all do our part to be environmental friendly!

If you find yourself having Compulsive Popping Disorder and need to break all the bubbles in every Bubble Wrap you can get your hands on, you can consider purchasing a roll of Bubble Wrap here or here (Yes, you can even buy bubble wraps from Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore!).

But do try to alternate your poppings (ie. do not Break All Bubbles in a row), so that you can still recycle it and use it to wrap non-fragile items!

Overall, my first shopping experience with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore is enjoyable (did anyone mention that browsing through their pages is very addictive?)

It would be great if the items could arrive sooner, but if we really wanted to buy something immediately, we should just go to a Shop and get it (if it is a readily available item found in Singapore), but do note that when you buy something from a shop, you are paying the extras because the shop owners need to pay rent, advertising, packaging, etc.

If you want a nicely wrapped purchased item with a nice shopping bag, you should know that you are actually paying for “extra premiums” for these decors that you would probably throw away anyway.

I think part of the reason why the items you find in Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore (and other regions) are usually at a much lower price (than if you were to buy from a departmental store) is because, the seller do not have to pay a high rent if he/she were to sell it from a shop, and there are other services to help to seller promote their products at affordable rates.

If you want to find out more about the Low Service Fees and No Listing Fees or you are interested to be a seller with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore, you can check out their pages here, with links to Success Stories and even Tips on Selling.
You can also check out their partnership with Yahoo SEA and their various Promotion Methods and Advertising Campaigns available through their network with Yahoo Singapore, XinMSN, HardWare Zone, Citibank Singapore and even via K-Pop Concert Tickets, amongst others.

Here’s the final shot of the Calvin Klein ETERNITY for Men Fragrance I ordered, and I’m one Happy Customer. Do check my website soon when I make my next purchase with Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore.
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Calvin Klein Eternity For Men from Qoo10 Gmarket Singapore


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