Vesak Day


Vesak Day (Vesākha) is a Traditional Holiday observed by Buddhists all around the World.

The day is sometimes called “Buddha’s Birthday“, but it’s actually the day when Lord Buddha (Gautama Buddha) attained Enlightenment.

However, the exact date varies according to different traditions. In Theravada countries, it occurs on a Full Moon Uposatha Day according to the Buddhist Calendar, and it’s usually in the 5th or 6th Lunar Month. For the Chinese, it occurs on the Eighth day of the Fourth Month in according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar.

The common focus for this day is the commemoration of Lord Buddha‘s attainment of Enlightenment and to spread His Teachings on the Four Noble Truth to end all sufferings for all living beings.

The Four Noble Truths are :

  • The Noble Truth of Dukkha or suffering
  • The Origin or Cause of suffering
  • The End or Cessation of suffering
  • The Path which leads to the cessation of all sufferings


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