2012 God of Wealth direction 财神到 !

2012 Lunar Calendar 23 Jan 2012

January 23, 2012, God of Wealth (财神) will arrive from the direction of SOUTH Follow Singaporean LifeStyle For More Information On LifeStyle in Singapore or Product News, Keep Yourself Updated by joining our Mailing List and following us on our FaceBook Page Follow Us Here :      … Continue reading

Auspicious Colours for the New Year


If you would like to activate your luck based on the respective Chinese Zodiac Animals you belong to, the first day of the Chinese New Year (this year, 23rd January 2012) is a good time for you to wear your Auspicious color(s). If you are doing some last minute Chinese New Year shopping for clothes, do keep these recommended colors in mind. Wish you all the best, and success in activating your luck, for health, wealth, and all the good things to come! Rat: Red, White and Black Ox: Yellow and Blue. Tiger: Green and Yellow Rabbit: Green and Pink … Continue reading