We Were Hacked, But We Are Back Now !!

We realised that our website was hacked earlier today (7th May 2012).

If you happen to visit us earlier and see the following page that the Hackers gifted us,




And PLEASE change all your related account’s password if you did.

Sorry for the Inconvenience caused!

Although we were upset about this issue and waited impatiently for our Domain Host to restore our site from a previous backup, we are glad that the hackers picked us, out of the Hundreds of Millions of Websites in the World!

This also taught us a valuable lesson, to create our own incremental backups so that we can do the restoration ourselves.

The issue is suspected to be due to an FTP authorization leak, but we need to investigate further.

Meanwhile, Thank You for the patience and all the encouragements that some of the users have written to us personally!!


Good News !!

By the way, we do have something great to share. Some of you might know that we are actually a new site (started in January 2012), and we’ve been trying very hard to get our posts and pages to rank high on Google’s Search Results, AND to break out of the Google’s PR0 status (Page Rank 0 – for new sites).

Yesterday, we realised that we’ve been promoted to PR3 (PR10 being the Best). Although not exactly fantastic, but we are really excited about this, and wish to share the joy with all our friends and supporters.

Perhaps this was the reason that the Hackers found us, from Google searches, but anyway..


Thank You Mr Hacker for showing interest in our site.  Of all the millions of websites out there, you have to pick us!

If you want to find out More about Lifestyle in Singapore, or Everything In and Out of Singapore, you don’t have to steal my information like this.. if you really really want the latest update, you could join our FaceBook Page or Subscribe to our Mailing List for further updates from us. 

We will not spam your mailbox with news everyday, we only send out occasional information about our pages and product info that we like to share.


Anyway, Message For The Day :

BackUp Often To Avoid Disappointment!

Be it the document that you are typing, or website pages that you’ve created, do save the progress often and make backup copies of it.

Have A Nice Day!




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