Updating to iOS 7? BackUp first!

iOS 7

Updating to iOS 7?

Hello Friends on iOS devices!

Today, the update to iOS 7 will be rolled out OTA (Over the Air), and as excited as everyone else, before updating to iOS 7, Please BackUp Your iOS Devices First!!

Before performing the update, do note that currently only these devices are eligible for iOS 7 :

  • iPhone 4 and above
  • iPad 2 and above
  • iPad mini
  • iPad Touch (5th Gen)


You can search for instructions on how to do it, or you can find out more from Yahoo and CNET here :


I’ll share more information about this if I get to update my iPad to iOS 7 (after I perform my own backups!)

Enjoy the new life in your iOS devices!

Let us know how is your experience with iOS 7 too!



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