Phone Case, Screen Protectors And Accessories For Our Non Mainstream Mobile Phones ie. XiaoMi, Huawei

Are you having difficulty finding phone cases for your “non Mainstream Mobile Phone” ie. XiaoMi, Huawei? You might want to check out these places for your phone case, screen protectors and some other accessories.

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StarHub Celebrates International Day Of Happiness with “Happy Everywhere”

Happy Day

Today is International Day Of Happiness (IDH), as declared by the UN last year.

Find out how StarHub Mobile and HOT FM 91.3 spread the happiness over Singapore and their attempt to set a World Record with the StarHub Mobile Happython

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Project Glass : Google’s futuristic Internet Glasses

Project Glass : Google’s futuristic Internet Glasses Although not officially announced, Google could be launching the futuristic “Wearable Computer”, the Internet Glasses (or Google Glasses), at the end of 2012. Imagine this, you can find your way around town, get the latest news update, book a concert, write notes, snap and share a photo, send messages, and even make a video conference call (and many more); right from a pair of glasses. But, this is no ordinary pair of glasses, it is the Internet Glasses. It is like a Smartphone In a pair of Glasses, and what we see here … Continue reading