StarHub Launches Booktique

StarHub Booktique

StarHub Booktique

StarHub announced today, 26th March 2013, the launch of its new e-bookstore, Booktique, enabling customers to easily access StarHub’s extensive library of digital books on their computers and mobile devices, anytime and anywhere.


Booktique is also integrated with a new user-friendly social networking platform which allows like-minded writers and readers to come together to share what they read, form discussion groups, interact and annotate, as they read.


“Booktique is not only an e-bookstore that offers an extensive catalogue of popular digital books, it allows StarHub to promote reading as a social activity as well as to showcase literary works by Singapore writers to improve exposure for their publications,”

said Mr Stephen Lee, Assistant Vice President of I3, StarHub

“We take pride in StarHub being a local company and we are on the lookout for opportunities to stimulate and support productions of local content in collaboration with strategic partners.”


Mr R Ramachandran, Executive Director, National Book Development Council of Singapore, agrees,

“National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS) is pleased to partner with StarHub to support the launch of the Booktique e-bookstore and promote reading as an enjoyable activity for all. The growth in e-books presents a wonderful opportunity for Singapore’s writing community to have their work seen by many more readers.”


Mr Eugene Tay, Director, Monsters Under The Bed, said,

“Monsters Under the Bed has been nurturing budding writers since 2006. The partnership with StarHub is a key element in our goal to give young writers a platform to hone their skills and showcase their talent. The literary scene is rapidly evolving; we are seeing an increasing number of writers as young as 11 years old coming to us with big dreams. Through this initiative, we just might discover our next Stephen King.”


StarHub’s e-book repository presents a wide selection of international English digital books – over 400,000 titles that cover categories including biographies, children, food, mystery, romance, science fiction, self-help and short stories – as well as a growing collection of literary works by local authors, including Catherine Lim, Dave Chua, Edmund Chen and Josephine Chia.


As part of the Booktique launch, StarHub pledges its support for Singapore’s literary community by partnering the NBDCS and MUTB to bring talented local writers together through social events, workshops and writing competitions, culminating to the upcoming StarHub Short Fiction Challenge.

StarHub Short Fiction Challenge is StarHub’s inaugural short story writing competition organised to promote creative writing to aspiring writers of all ages. More details of the competition will be revealed at a later date.


Starting tomorrow, 27th March 2013, reading fans can visit on their computers or download the free Booktique Reader mobile app available at Google Play and iTunes Store.


Booktique is available to all customers regardless of mobile operator or broadband service provider

All you need to do is to sign up for a free Hub iD account with StarHub.

As a launch promotion, StarHub is giving away 10 popular digital titles, including Life of Pi by Yann Martel, The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick and 1356 by Bernard Cornwell for a limited time.

FREE E-Books from StarHub Booktique

How To Redeem Your Free Book

  1. Pick one of the above popular title, and note down the book number (from diagram above)
  2. SMS “BOOKTIQUE <space> Book number <space> Name <space> email address” to 90245851
  3. You will receive the coupon code reply to your SMS
  4. login to Booktique and enter the coupon code to add the free e-Book to your library


For more information, check out the Booktique Giveaway campaign here : booktique.sq/campaign/giveaway


StarHub Booktique Overview


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