StarHub Celebrates International Day Of Happiness with “Happy Everywhere”

International Day Of Happiness

International Day Of Happiness 2013

Today, 20th March 2013, is the beginning of the March Equinox – the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

An Equinox occurs twice every year (March Equinox – around 20th March and September Equinox – around 22nd September), where the center of the Sun is in the same plane as the Earth’s equator.

On these days, the length of the day and night are also equal.

For further readings, check out wikipedia

Today is also the “International Day of Happiness” (IDH), declared by the United Nations General Assembly last year, on 28th June 2012.


StarHub Mobile Happython

Happy Everywhere - Marathon Live Radio Show

To celebrate and increase awareness about IDH, HOT FM91.3 and StarHub Mobile join hands to spread the happiness all over Singapore in a marathon “live” show, the StarHub Mobile Happython – where two HOT FM91.3 radio DJs – Adam Piperdy and Gerald Koh – are attempting to set a Guinness World Record for the ‘Longest Marathon for a Radio Music Show DJ – Team’ by continuously broadcasting ‘live’ for 75 hours or more.

The StarHub Mobile Happython started at 6 am today, is broadcasting ‘live’ from an outdoor glass-clad booth set up at Plaza Singapura.

The current record of 74 hours and three minutes is held by UK deejays Christopher Firth and Richard Parker from a college radio station Hatch End Radio in United Kingdom.


Happy Everywhere – Happy Bus

Concurrently, StarHub’s Happy Bus has been roaming the streets to deliver random acts of kindness as well as bring special treats and surprises to delight folks all around Singapore.

Happy Everywhere - Happy Bus - Lau Pa Sat

This morning, the Happy Bus stopped by Lau Pa Sat to give out hundreds of cups of piping hot coffee to Professionals, Managers, Executives, and Businessmen (PMEBs).


Happy Everywhere - Happy Bus - Carpe Diem Children Daycare

Happy Everywhere - Happy Bus - Changi Airport Cabbies

Yesterday, the Happy Bus brought joy and laughter to the children from Carpe Diem Children’s Daycare and delivered refreshing drinks and snacks to surprised cabbies waiting in the taxi queue at Changi Airport too.

Check out the video coverage, to see check out their reaction :

To keep this a surprise, the Happy Bus routes and exact activities are intentionally kept under wraps. The Happy Bus will continue plying the streets of Singapore till the 25th March 2013. Do look out for it!


These activities are part of StarHub Mobile’s ‘Happy Everywhere’, a National movement to show the world our happy faces.

WIN Prizes By Sharing Your Happiness

Everyone is invited to join this happiness movement by sharing videos, photos or tweets of what happiness means to them at

They could stand a chance to win prizes like the latest mobile handsets and more.

From all these user-generated content, the outstanding (and creative) submission will be featured in StarHub’s Happiest Commercial In The World.

Here’s a video that I’ve posted some time back, and in case you’ve missed it, check it out! I hope that this Ticklish Laughing Baby and that special moment will put a smile on your face and hope you’ll share the Laughter and Happiness with your Friends and Family and Brighten Their Day too :






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