Samsung GALAXY S4 Available For Pre-Order Now!

Samsung GALAXY S4 Available for Pre-Order Now

Samsung GALAXY S4 Pre-Order

Similar to the pre Samsung GALAXY Note II launch, the Samsung GALAXY S4 is available for Pre-Order in advanced, from AMAZON!

Pre Order Samsung Galaxy S4 S Iv I9500 16gb Black (Factory Unlocked) Full Hd 4.99″ , 13mp By Fedex. You Will Be The First One to Use This Smartphone

Prior to the official release of the Note II to local Telcos worldwide, there were already shops taking in pre-orders, and now, there are shops taking in pre-orders for the S4 too!

Check These Out From Amazon :

[Sponsored Video] Introducing Samsung GALAXY S4

For Friends On Smartphones or tablets, for optimal viewing experience, watch this video in landscape mode

Will you place your order now, or wait for the local release??

Do take note that there is no International Warranty for these, so if you can wait a bit longer, (26th April 2013 they say..), get a unit locally instead!

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